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West side of the square , abt. 1908.
Posted Tuesday, August 19, at 4:57 PM
The photo shows a sign of BRUCE AND BROWN BIG STORE on the side of this building at the corner of third and main but the business contained in it belonged to JOHN A REED MERCANTILE.

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Moore Drug
Posted Wednesday, July 16, at 7:09 PM

This Photo was about the turn of the century. The writing on the back identified this as "L. C. Moore Drug Co. pictured left to right , Uncle Doc Moore-Mrs. Sarah Jewell-Doc Jewell-Young girl Ada Browne-Her two aunts and last on the right unknown.

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Hunting Camp Near Piggott
Posted Friday, June 27, at 5:38 PM

This photo was used in a 1910 advertisement about Piggott and the many things to do in this area.

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Historical maps provide information
Posted Tuesday, June 24, at 1:39 PM

The Sanborn Map Co. provided city maps to fire insurance companies before there was a communications network to access risk in smaller towns and cities with no agents. These maps have become a treasury of historical information. The December 1908 map showed Piggott with a population of 2000, no Fire Dept., no public lighting, no paved streets. ...

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Bank of Piggott
Posted Monday, June 16, at 3:42 PM

The Bank of Piggott was organized in 1905 with Judge E. N. Royal as president and J. K. Browning as cashier. Later that same year Judge Royall died and J. P. Potter became president. The Building in this photo burned in 1925 and was replaced by the current building which was occupied by the bank until January of 1930. ...

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"About The Moose"
Posted Friday, June 13, at 1:52 PM

We were asked about the railroad mentioned in the "Historic Economic Development ". Was this the Moose that ran to Pollard? The original railway was built from Kennett to Piggott in 1912 and was named the St. Louis,Kennett and Southeastern Railroad co. It was built primarly for the timber industry. About two years later the Butler County Railroad was built from Poplar Bluff, going through Ashhill, Qulin. Fagus , Pollard and connecting to The Kennett Railroad in Piggott...

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Posted Friday, June 6, at 5:12 PM

The Clay County Bank was chartered in 1897 by J.P.Potter and Judge E. N. Royall. Mr. Potter was elected President and Lon Royall was Cashier. The first brick building in Piggott, according to old settlers,was built to house the bank and Potter's drug store...

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First Merchant in Piggott
Posted Monday, June 2, at 4:43 PM

The first merchant to come to Piggott was A. Jack Brown, who erected a box house and opened the first store in 1882. His brother , Jake came a few months later from Illinois and became Piggott's first undertaker . Jack Brown's store was in south Piggott, below Sugar Creek...

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Fairwell to Militia 1916
Posted Wednesday, May 28, at 5:02 PM

The printing on the postcard said "Fairwell to the Militia June 23, 1916 Piggott, Arkansas". They were probably headed for Mexico. In the background of the photo you can see the Palace Hotel.

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South Side of the Square
Posted Friday, May 23, at 5:41 PM

This building holds some history of Piggott. The Building in the center of the picture, right of the alley, was where Lloyd Russell started Russell Mortuary in the early 1930S. The right side shows "Seitz Abstract and Notary Public. This was the early Clay County Abstract which is the oldest business in Piggott today...

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Turn of the Century Houses in Piggott.
Posted Wednesday, May 21, at 4:20 PM

The houses shown in the photo, were on main street , west of the current Post Office.

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Third Generation Barber Shop
Posted Tuesday, May 20, at 11:31 AM

This photo shows Mr. Bill Edwards (fourth from the right)standing in front of his barber shop. The shop still stands today and is run by his Grandson ,Lester Edwards Jr..

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Potter's Drug
Posted Monday, May 19, at 5:19 PM

This Photo was taken prior to 1910 of the east side square.

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Recreation in days past.
Posted Thursday, May 15, at 11:05 AM

The attached photo was used on a 1910 post card to promote Piggott and show some of the local recreational activity.

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Cypress near Piggott
Posted Thursday, May 15, at 10:41 AM

The timber industry was a big part of the economy for our county in the year 1910. The attached photo was taken near Piggott about that time.

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Historic Economic Development
Posted Monday, May 12, at 3:55 PM

Merchants and business owners of Piggott could see the value of having a second railway passing through town in the years between 1910 and 1916. They got together and raised over $10,000.00 to attract the Butler County Railway to build track through our town. That would be quite a sum in todays currency...

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West side of the square , abt. 1908.
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Potter's Drug
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Cypress near Piggott
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Third Generation Barber Shop
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