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Fun, Family and Friends
Posted Monday, August 18, at 12:04 PM
Hello everyone! Sorry I missed chatting with you last week. I was sitting on the porch of a cabin on Lake Cornelian, just outside of Stillwater, MN with my girlfriends of 39 years. We were still talking about the Rod Stewart and Santana concert we had been to the night before. A fitting blast from the past for us, I would never have thought those two would have ever been billed together. They were fantastic of course!...

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Small Town Life - Friends and Family
Posted Monday, August 4, at 10:35 AM

Gliding into August with blue skies and summer type weather. The crops are high on both sides of the roads and I see lots of blooms on the cotton. It is summer in Arkansas. Summer comes with all its accessories, bugs on the windshield, mosquitos big enough to be confused with drones and humidity that drives the heat index up several notches. ...

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Goodbye July
Posted Monday, July 28, at 12:35 PM

Goodbye, goodbye my dear July. It is sad to see you go. You have been so kind to us this year, except for all those huge, mean mosquitos you brought in. This may have been the best July weather I have known since I moved back here. I would like to keep you for months and months. But no, August is tired of waiting in the wings and who am I to hold her back. It is time to step across the line and see what next month brings...

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Beautiful Summertime Weather
Posted Monday, July 21, at 2:21 PM

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Temperatures are beginning to climb a bit, but still not our typical July scorcher. I know we still have August to get through, but I am not going to borrow trouble, as my grandma used to say. I am glad for these pretty days and mild evenings...

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Who's Visiting This Week?
Posted Monday, July 14, at 10:24 AM

It is Monday and again storms are in the forecast. The first one moved in around 4:15 this morning and then moved out to make room for the sunshine. That may increase our odds of afternoon storms. We will see. Then we are looking at a few days of moderate temperatures...

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Wonderful 4th of July!
Posted Monday, July 7, at 11:31 AM

Here it is July already and we have been gifted with the most pleasant early July weather I remember in a long, long time. Of course that was a justified reward after the non-stop rain we have been seeing. It even lured me onto the front porch one morning. Just pleasantly warm, dry, sunny and barely breezy, it was just about perfect. Carol Stone and I even watched the 4th of July Parade in Piggott from the comfort of the car with a gentle wind keeping us cool...

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Time Flies
Posted Monday, June 30, at 11:03 AM

Hello, folks! First I want to apologize for neglecting my column last week. I foolishly scheduled an appointment for early on Monday morning, thinking I would be home in time to get the column in. I was wrong. I promise not to be so foolish again. But now it is time for the last column in June. ...

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Sunshine, Beautiful Sunshine
Posted Monday, June 16, at 10:29 AM

Finally we have sunshine! Whole days of sunshine! Four days of sunshine in a row. Life is indeed good. Our farmers are working day and night to make up for lost time and of course now we have dust flying everywhere. It is okay, though. Sunrise and sunset are a painter's delight, or a photographer's. Nancy Presson has been posting some absolutely beautiful pictures of sunrise over the Arkansas fields...

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Posted Sunday, June 8, at 8:39 PM

As we ease into the second week of June "climate change" is making our lives interesting once again. I don't know. I have only lived here for 20 years, but in that 20 years I do not remember a spring with as much consistent rain. Now I am and always have been a pluviophile. ...

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Honoring The Brave
Posted Monday, May 26, at 12:27 PM

Memorial Day is always a time to remember and to appreciate all the men and women who have been willing to put their lives on the line for us and for our country. Like many other countries ours began with battle and has been tested many times with the horrors of war. We have to wonder what our lives would be like without those who sacrificed so much, so very much. It is good to honor them, everyone who sacrificed, and it is good to salute their memories...

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The Best Things
Posted Tuesday, May 20, at 3:54 PM

Hello all. Are you enjoying the sunshine? There is nothing like a week of near constant rain to make the sunshine even more appealing. Even though the temperatures still call for a light sweater the sun is indeed a beautiful sight. When we have nice weather for the weekend it is doubly appreciated. And everything is so green, so beautifully green, and if it blooms it is riotous. Spring is here and I am loving it! I hope it lasts a little while...

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Graduations, Mother's Day and Birthdays
Posted Sunday, May 11, at 11:01 PM

Well there was plenty going on this past weekend. High school graduation vied with Mother's Day for celebratory status on Sunday. Since I think mothers deserve this one day of the year to be in the spotlight, I have a suggestion to make. Celebrate her for this whole next week. ...

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Green Grass and Sunshine
Posted Monday, May 5, at 11:07 AM

Can you believe it? We have had days and days of sunshine and warmth. It is almost like normal these days. This is the way I wish it would be for months and I am going to enjoy and be grateful for every single minute, because somewhere in the back of my mind is a little voice saying, "Just wait until summer is here. Just you wait." But right now I am enjoying the flowers blooming, leaves coming on and a different landscape every day...

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The Dangerous Side of Spring
Posted Monday, April 28, at 11:50 AM

Last night, another illustration of springtime chaos, not the gentle spring rain I so enjoy, but the frighteningly destructive weather we all dread. As we watched the tornado marching toward us on the weather map and saw the destruction left in its wake, we began to prepare. ...

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The Love of Spring
Posted Monday, April 21, at 4:20 PM

Spring is finally here! Yes! Easter was yesterday so we will allow no more cold weather. We are serious here, Mother Nature. It is time for spring and I am thinking we deserve one of those lazy meandering spring times that mosey in with gentle spring rains and warm, but not hot temperatures and then get a little hot and a little cooler and then paint the countryside with the most beautiful, vibrant colors. ...

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The Tax Man Commeth
Posted Monday, April 14, at 11:09 AM

The storm rumbled through here in the early evening with some lightening, some wind and some rain, clearing out the allergens for a short while and leaving a cool damp breeze to brush my face as I slept. Ahhh. The grumbling of the second storm barely brought me out of my dreams as it rattled the windows a bit a set the drips to a steady rhythm. ...

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The Joy of a Rainy Day
Posted Monday, April 7, at 1:05 PM

I always feel so guilty when I enjoy a rainy day knowing how much others are craving the sunshine. I do love the rain though. It has always been my calming potion. I seldom suffer from cabin fever or boredom and if I did, I would just go for a healing walk in the rain. ...

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Could It Be Springtime?
Posted Monday, March 31, at 10:03 AM

Good morning, everyone. Peeping out the window I see the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising. I see flowers blooming and I don't even mind the promise of rain in a few days. That's part of that elusive season we call spring. I think it just might be over, that long, long winter we have had. ...

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Hope Springs Eternal
Posted Monday, March 24, at 12:35 PM

Happy Monday to you all! It is a beautiful sunny day with nothing more than a light breeze to rattle the leaves. It looks exactly like a spring day should look. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding, the grass is greening up and if everyone wasn't all bundled up in their heavy winter coats it would look exactly like spring. Ah well, someday soon the temperatures will catch up with the calendar...

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Is It Spring Yet?
Posted Monday, March 17, at 12:18 PM

It is Monday again. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope everyone is wearing green today and letting your Irish heritage show. It really doesn't matter if you are descended from the Irish or not. On this one day each year we are all accepted by the Irish as one of their own. So grab yourself a leprechaun and a four leaf clover and go looking for that pot of gold...

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