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Beautiful Spring Sunshine
Posted Monday, March 23, at 12:13 PM
Oh what a beautiful morning! What a beautiful day this will be! I will be opening a window or two later on. Of course I will pay for that with my allergies, but I have to have some fresh air once in a while. The sneezing is worth it. Seeing the sunshine makes me want to sing and dance and get outside a little. ...

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Sunshine, Warm Air, and Spring Flowers
Posted Monday, March 16, at 11:45 AM

Did I not TELL you last week that spring would come? I did and here it is! Crocuses and daffodils are strutting their stuff all over town and that sky is so blue it makes me want to cry. Nothing like a couple of nice warm sunny days to bring out the best in us. ...

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The Last Snow???
Posted Monday, March 9, at 2:25 PM

Spring is coming! Spring is coming! I know it is, I just know it. We didn't even hit the freezing mark last night and the first official day of spring is less than two weeks away. Groundhog or no groundhog with dire predictions, spring always comes even if it is late. ...

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Where O' Where Is The First Sign Of Spring?
Posted Monday, March 2, at 11:53 AM

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. The weather predictors are having such a hard time making up their minds about what is coming and when it is going to be here. Last Monday they said that Saturday would be 50 degrees and partly cloudy. 50 degrees. Throughout the week this predicted temperature was lowered and lowered again. ...

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Deep Winter Blues
Posted Wednesday, February 25, at 10:45 AM

Hello everyone! Back to school today? That groundhog was not kidding. It has been a cold and inconvenient week. A little sleet, a little freezing rain, some snow and then a brief warmup so we had some regular rain as well. Even saw the sun peak out a few times. ...

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First Snow
Posted Monday, February 16, at 1:04 PM

It is finally here! The first real snowfall of the year. And it is really snowing now. I am afraid with the sleet we had last night and the intermittent snow mixed with it, the streets are going to be treacherous for a while so take it easy today. Rather looks like that groundhog was right about the six more weeks. Brrrrr. Gonna be cold for a while...

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Chocolate and Murder
Posted Monday, February 9, at 1:45 PM

Good day everyone. I hope your weekend was marvelous and that you are surviving without football. I know those first couple of weeks after Super Bowl are hard to handle, but I know you can do it. The great weather this past weekend was a help. It made everyone want to get outside and play. We do seem to have boarded that weather roller coaster once again however. Next weekend we can gather around the fireplace and watch good movies...

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Ryan Rogers
Posted Monday, February 2, at 12:24 PM

Well, we have January behind us, so that is one more month of winter out of the way. Of course Puxsutawnay Phil has assured us that we still have some time left to shiver and shovel. Well, I was actually expecting it to last a while longer anyway. If you live in town you probably already know that we lost a member of our community and a member of the paper's family. ...

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The Night of Chocolate Is Near
Posted Monday, January 26, at 12:31 PM

Good morning Rector. How is the new year treating you so far? Keeping up with all those NewYear's resolutions you made? I stopped with them many years ago. It was just too much pressure and I had enough of that without adding creations of my own. Now I just look back and count the advancements and accomplishments of the previous year. Believe me it is much more gratifying...

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The Magic of a Sunny Day
Posted Monday, January 19, at 12:48 PM

Well this day is certainly one to sing about. Here it is the middle of January, the sun is shining and it is already over 50 degrees. It is truly a gift and one that I accept gratefully. I could not help but smile as I drifted downstairs in search of my first cup of coffee. What a glorious way to start the day. See it is true. All those gloomy days we have had make this one even more bright and shiny...

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Sunshine Is Our Friend
Posted Monday, January 5, at 9:02 PM

What is this unusual glow that is all around us outside? It's leaking in all the windows and reflecting off the puddles. I know I've seen it before, but it's been a while. No wait, I am remembering now. I know! It is sunshine! Sunshine which has been a rare commodity in these parts for a while and it looks like it is going to stick around for a couple of days. ...

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Posted Monday, December 22, at 12:16 PM

It's a damp and dreary dismal December day and the next two days don't look much more promising. Poor Santa is going to need a rain slicker to start his journey But not to worry! Sunshine is supposed to come with the dawn on Christmas morning and stick around for a few days, at least in part. ...

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Rejection Survived
Posted Monday, December 15, at 12:15 PM

Good day, everyone. Looks like the predictions were right when a wet winter was predicted for this region. All the better for us pluviophiles, (lovers of rain). Sorry all you normal people. Of course "wet" seems to be much more dramatic on the west coast, what's left of it. At least it isn't terribly cold here. Yet...

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Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
Posted Monday, December 8, at 12:55 PM

Oh my! I staunchly refuse to start doing Christmas before Thanksgiving is over and then, well then there is only a month, 4 weeks, now less than 3 to get everything done, to listen to all those carols and songs I ONLY listen between Thanksgiving and Christmas. ...

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Hello Winter Again
Posted Monday, December 1, at 12:26 PM

Last night as I took my garbage can to the street, I tarried a bit to enjoy the balmy evening. The moon smiled down and a fragrant breeze surrounded me. The near 70 degree temperature of the day was lingering and it created a lovely evening which made the weather forecast seem unrealistic. ...

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Blowing Up A Storm
Posted Monday, November 24, at 12:54 PM

It was a little breezy here last night, in case you didn't notice. It rattled the windows in this old house until it woke me up about 2:30. My porch swing was banging into the wall and I had to go out and secure that. Whew! What a gale. Between the banging and rattling and whistling and whining, I was awake until sometime around 4:00. I was sort of amazed to see my shed still standing this morning. Not so cold today or the rest of the week, but the wind is still a bugger...

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First Snow This Season
Posted Monday, November 17, at 12:58 PM

Well, it wasn't exactly a whiteout condition, but we have our first snow. I always like this particular pallet of Mother Nature's. It's purifying in its own way. Even as skimpy as this snowfall is it changes the look of the world, covering some imperfections and modifying others. ...

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Bye, Bye Good Weather
Posted Monday, November 10, at 1:12 PM

This week we have had some excellent weather, cool but mostly sunny. I really like autumn, especially here. I know you have heard me say this before, but I absolutely love the sky in the autumn. Nowhere that I have ever lived have I ever seen the sky turn the deep dark blue it turns here in autumn. ...

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A Taste of Winter for Halloween
Posted Monday, November 3, at 12:40 PM

We are having a little taste of winter aren't we? Some people got freezing temperatures and some even saw and felt a little sleet over the weekend. Today I guess we are back to typical fall weather though. Cool is just fine for this time of year. It puts me in the mood for holiday festivities, warm fires and cozy evenings with hot drinks and who doesn't like a good excuse for a bonfire?...

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I Love Halloween!
Posted Monday, October 27, at 10:19 AM

We have had some spectacular fall weather this past week. I call it "not too weather". Not too hot, not too cold, not too rainy. Good days for walking or yard work. Good days for being in the fields or out shopping. Good days and nights for ball games, camp outs and tailgate parties, just good all around. ...

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