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Thursday, Mar. 30, 2017
The First Day of Spring
Posted Monday, March 20, at 2:43 PM
Spring is here! Really! Today is the spring equinox, the official first day of spring, at least in the northern hemisphere. Today the periods of daylight and dark are equal. Tomorrow will present us with a tiny bit more daylight and the day after will be a bit longer. As it should be on the first day of spring, we will very likely have an 80-degree temperature today. It is warm and sunny and flowers are blooming and the grass is green. What is not to love about spring?...

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A Month of All Seasons
Posted Monday, March 13, at 1:47 PM

No white Christmas, no January white out, no snow in February, but here comes March. After the flowers have bloomed and the trees have budded, after the temperatures have soared into the 80s and we have survived the hail, the wind and tornados, now we have snow. ...

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March is Roaring
Posted Monday, March 6, at 1:31 PM

March came in like a lion. We dodged storms last week and it looks like tonight will be active as well. There was much destruction last week, some of it near and some not so close. Hoping tonight will not bring more of the same. I am appreciative of a good thunderstorm or light show, but I could do without the hurricane force winds and tornados. Spring is just around the corner. We have had a mild winter so far, I hope we can look for a mild summer too...

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Rector Boys Go to State
Posted Monday, February 27, at 3:20 PM

February is over tomorrow and not one single snowflake has fallen here this month. The trees are all budded out. The narcissus have bloomed, as have the crocus. Is winter gone already with hardly a visit? Oh my. Maybe the mild winter will at least spare us the turbulent storms that March can bring...

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Posted Monday, February 20, at 9:14 AM

The sun is shining and another beautiful day is promised. We will have temperatures in the 70s all week and no rain in the forecast. It is hard to believe it is February when I look outside. Everything is budding and blooming and growing. Is it really a precursor of spring? Or is it a clever dodge to make us THINK it's spring already? Only time will tell...

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Valentine's Day
Posted Monday, February 13, at 1:36 PM

Winter's on the east coast and winter's on the west coast and up north of us for sure, but we can't complain when our temperature is in the 40s and 50s in between those times when it is in the 70s and 80s. Our biggest problem these days is keeping the right clothes out. The weirdest winter so far...

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Is It Winter?
Posted Monday, February 6, at 12:33 PM

Well, is Old Man Winter not even going to make an appearance here this year? What happened to all those indicators, like the spoon shaped persimmon seeds, the wooly worms and the squirrels? I am pretty happy not being encased in ice, like we were in 2009, but I would like to have a nice little snowfall or two. ...

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Storms Are Lurking
Posted Monday, January 23, at 12:17 PM

Again we are looking at killer weather in nearby states. Tornadoes savaged Mississippi over the weekend. Georgia was hit too. Seems like every week now we have news that a natural disaster has impacted the lives of our fellow earthlings. An earthquake and avalanche in Italy also wrought damage and death. ...

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Good News for the Museum
Posted Monday, January 16, at 3:32 PM

This time last week we were being threatened with a possible ice storm, not something we would be looking forward to. Thankfully for us it did not drift down this far, but it was sure a mess further north. Brought back memories of the 2009 ice storm. Weeks without power meant generators for some and a trip back in time for others as we depended on kerosene lamps for light and played cards and board games instead of watching television...

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Welcome 2017
Posted Monday, January 9, at 1:20 PM

We can finally put 2016 behind us. What a year it has been. 2016 started off with stormy and cold weather and this year is starting the same way. I have a feeling the worst for us is yet to come. But the crops were good last year, in spite of a wet spring and the harvest was early so the farmer enjoyed a peaceful end of the year...

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The End Is Near (of 2016)
Posted Monday, December 26, at 1:12 PM

It's the day after Christmas and all through the land, all the children are giddy with new toys at hand. The grown-ups have breathed a great sigh of relief. Time for a break, no matter how brief. For next week's the New Year and out with the old. New resolutions are bound to be bold. Yes this is the season that touches us all. With our faith and our wishes. Happy Holiday All!...

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Peace and Love
Posted Monday, December 19, at 12:47 PM

I know. It is entirely my fault that we had that annoying weather tantrum on Saturday. I mentioned in last week's column that we usually had some warm days sandwiched in between the winter weather days and therefore apparently issued a challenge to the weather gods. ...

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It's All About Santa
Posted Monday, December 12, at 3:25 PM

Cold weather, a little rain, long dark nights and short days, sounds like the middle of winter doesn't it? It was sort of late getting here, but winter seems to have settled in nicely. Didn't we use to have a few cold days and then a warm up before the next front? Well, at least we are not sitting under four feet of snow. Yet...

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Jingle Bells
Posted Monday, December 5, at 3:14 PM

It is December. Guess you probably already knew that. Christmas is bearing down on us and with it the need to spend too much and eat too much and party too much and generally deplete ourselves before the year is gone. That way you are making room to accept all that will come to you in 2017. At least that's the reason I have given myself for this season of excess...

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Goodbye November
Posted Monday, November 28, at 1:10 PM

So, a stormy start for the week. Being a stormy weather person, myself, I am ready to enjoy the gloomy day. I have that last chapter of my novel that I need to get just right and this may help me get it done. This is the end of November. Christmas is less than a month away and then 2016 will become a part of history. It has not been an easy year and it probably won't go quietly. Like all years, it brought good things and not-so-good things. This next month should be a doozy...

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Gratitude, Appreciation and Thanksgiving
Posted Monday, November 21, at 12:55 PM

Winter finally arrived, but not in a bad way. In spite of the wind throwing a little bit of a tantrum as the front moved through, the cooler temperatures are not all that bad just yet and the sunshine and blue skies are still welcome sights. We are, for sure dragging out jackets though. Speaking of jackets. There is a box at the Community Center in case you have coats and jackets you aren't using any more and want to donate. There are always plenty of people needing warm clothes in the winter...

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The Morning After
Posted Monday, November 14, at 8:47 AM

This a difficult column for me to write. The brutal election is over. Finally! People who know me personally are aware of my political views, but this column is not for expressing them. This column has been and I hope will always be an upbeat look at life in Rector. ...

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Tomorrow is Election Day 2016
Posted Monday, November 7, at 12:59 PM

Oh, these beautiful fall days are addicting. Can we keep them for a while longer, please? I love putting an extra blanket on the bed and getting out the sweaters and long sleeves. Wood smoke and burning leaves makes my allergies flare, but I welcome them as the fragrance of autumn. Of course, the fragrance of apple pie and oatmeal cookies smells pretty good too. At any rate, I'm ready to settle back and prepare for winter, gather in the things I need and get ready for the long winter's nap...

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Happy Halloween
Posted Monday, October 31, at 1:30 PM

Happy Halloween! I am ready. I have bags of candy and will have my light on by 5:00. I love trick or treaters. It will be warm enough tonight that you won't need a jacket over your costumes. So come on by, y'all. What a beautiful Indian Summer day today. Looks like a pleasant week ahead. What a lovely gift from Mother Nature. But don't let her fool you. She has a winter surprise for you before too much longer...

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Fifteen More Days
Posted Monday, October 24, at 12:32 PM

Oh I do love the fall. The weather is constantly changing but in the moderate range and we have plenty of sunshine and blue skies this year so far. Sometimes it's a challenge to know how to dress for an entire day, but then, we do know about layering, don't we?...

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