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Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016
Election Overload
Posted Monday, October 17, at 1:31 PM
Warm front moving in today with record highs. Cold front following by Thursday with rain. In other words: weather as usual here in Northeast Arkansas. If you don't like the weather right now, just wait a few minutes. Today the air conditioner is back on, but not for long...

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Enjoying The Cool Nights
Posted Monday, October 10, at 12:01 PM

49 degrees last night. Good sleeping weather. It is October and with Halloween bearing down on us, high school and junior high football games and the band playing, I am settling in to my favorite time of the year. Now for the leaves to begin to turn and maybe a trip to Hardy in a week or two. We should have time for a good long autumn before winter really sets in...

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Surprise! Your House is Painted
Posted Monday, October 3, at 1:20 PM

Oh, I think it really is fall at last. I am loving these beautiful days and cool nights. Don't you adore the deep blue color of the sky this time of year? Living near the school I have the added advantage of being able to hear the band practice sometimes. I like that. They used to march down my street, but I don't see that very much anymore. I am pretty proud of the progress the band has made. They get better every year...

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Scams and Shams
Posted Monday, September 26, at 12:47 PM

I want to begin with an apology for not having a column last week. Or really I want to whine. Last week on Monday morning my usually not all that energetic computer started off slow and got worse and worse. Now this is not an old dog of a computer. I purchased it a little over a year ago after weeks of looking and trying them out and making lists of "must have" "nice to have" and "don't want"...

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Looking Forward to Fall
Posted Monday, September 12, at 1:52 PM

The week after Labor Day is always pretty low key around here. We spend so much energy on that one weekend it takes a while to generate more. And like us, Mother Nature seems to give a big sigh of relief about this time. Tired of holding onto the high temperatures and humidity, she eases back a bit. ...

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Labor Day 2016
Posted Monday, September 5, at 12:32 PM

It's a beautiful day for a picnic! And Rector has the best Labor Day Picnic in the country. It's in full swing right now. We had a great time with The Ultimate Oldies Show Friday night in spite of many scheduling conflicts. Several people were experiencing the group for the first time and really enjoyed the show. ...

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It's Almost Labor Day
Posted Monday, August 29, at 1:36 PM

Things are speeding up around town as Labor Day approaches. Things start happening on Friday, but prep work is already in full swing and people will be coming into town in a couple of days. What's better is that it looks like Labor Day Weekend is going to have marvelous weather. No clouds are forecast and the temperatures are predicted to be in the upper 80s. We can handle that...

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Bye Bye Rain
Posted Monday, August 22, at 2:19 PM

Well, the rain is gone for now, from here, and I think I can hear the elementary school teachers dancing in the streets. A full week of kids not getting to go outside and play can be challenging even if it isn't the first week of school. I didn't hear of anyone not surviving so I suppose the first week was good...

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I Love A Rainy Day
Posted Monday, August 15, at 11:53 AM

I do love a rainy day. Rainy days are for reading those big long books, playing board games with our friends, baking brownies and napping on the porch. Those were the rainy days of my childhood. Before my mama went to work, rainy days were spent with us sticking close around her. She never seemed to mind the messes we made with finger paints or clay or cutting and pasting to make beautiful pictures. It would be a soup and sandwich day, so she could spend her time playing with us...

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The Dog Days of Summer
Posted Monday, August 8, at 12:35 PM

Hello everyone. I believe we are officially into the Dog Days of Summer now. Hot and muggy are the descriptive words for the season. I used to think "dog days" were called this because it was so hot all the dogs did was lay around. My cousin said it was when dogs would go rabid. ...

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Moving On To Labor Day
Posted Monday, August 1, at 1:15 PM

Good afternoon. We have wrapped up July and tucked it away for another year. My-oh-my, where has the year gone. A month and a day and it will be Labor Day weekend already. I am hoping it will begin to cool down a little by then. It has been in the brutal stage for a while now and well, August is the really, really hot month so, hunker down. ...

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Simmering Summer
Posted Monday, July 25, at 12:34 PM

Hello all. Yes, it is still hot here and steamy, without the benefit of rain, at least not right here, right now. A drive out in the country might be dusty, but to my untrained eye the crops sure do look pretty. I have visions of farmers having happy dreams as they watch their fields mature so well...

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Heat Wave
Posted Monday, July 18, at 1:00 PM

Hello everyone! I hope this day finds you safe and content here in Mississippi Delta land or wherever you happen to be. It would appear that summer has arrived in Northeast Arkansas and indeed the entire center of the country. According to the local weather-persons it is going to hang around for the entire week and maybe longer. ...

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Vacation Time
Posted Monday, July 11, at 2:13 PM

Good day all! First of all, I must give my excuse for not having a column last week. I was out of town on my annual pilgrimage to my friends' reunion. Once again we gathered on the porch overlooking Lake Carnelian in Minnesota and gorged ourselves on food, beverage and conversation. ...

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Independence Day
Posted Monday, June 27, at 3:50 PM

Well hello everyone. I guess summer is really here. I am going to put my winter weather clothes away -- again. I am seeing FaceBook posts about the river and the beaches and people who have never been camping before are off for their maiden camping experience. I'm thinking it might have been better to ease into it when the temperatures were a bit milder, but hey. Maybe we will have some entertaining stories out of it...

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Celebrate Fathers
Posted Monday, June 20, at 1:27 PM

Hello everyone. I hope you all celebrated Father's Day in grand style. Scrolling through FaceBook it would seem so. Fathers were celebrated, young and old, near and far. Being raised at a time when children were still considered to be "woman's work" by many, the sight of daddies pushing strollers in the mall today gives me a thrill. Dads throwing a ball with their kids warms my heart. Reading the things written yesterday about fathers was wonderful...

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A Sad Day
Posted Monday, June 13, at 1:22 PM

Greetings readers. I hope this day finds you well. For many it is not a good day. I want to send my most heartfelt condolences to everyone who has been touched by the shooting in Orlando over the weekend. It is another incredibly sad day for America...

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Memorial Day
Posted Monday, May 30, at 12:28 PM

Good morning. Today is Memorial Day 2016. It is the day we have set aside to honor our fallen soldiers. Throughout the years, since the civil war we have used this day to pay our respect to those who cannot celebrate with us. Every year we have added more names to the list. ...

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Look Out For Storms
Posted Monday, May 23, at 9:07 AM

Good day everyone. I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather today because tomorrow promises to reintroduce us to Arkansas summer. Muggy and hot with thunderstorms and it is sticking around for the rest of the week. I am going to miss these cool dry mornings...

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Summer Vacation
Posted Monday, May 16, at 1:01 PM

It is the 16th of May already. This month is half over and the entire is almost half gone. What happened to the first half of 2016? Summer weather is still merely teasing us and that's okay with me. There are many things I love about summertime, but the grueling heat is not among them. We've certainly had a lot of rain this year, better for the flowers I suppose, but I am not sure the farmers are happy that they lose so much field time when the fields are wet...

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