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Hey! Hey! It Is Time To Honor Joey Pruett!

Posted Monday, May 28, 2012, at 12:56 PM

Here it is: the last column in May. Where has the time gone? May has been such a busy month. Graduations and parties, the Helping Hands Concert, the annual art competition, not to mention Mother's Day and many, many birthdays and Memorial Day have all been crowded into this one month. It sort of makes me wonder what is left for June. Maybe a big sigh of relief and a brief rest are in order. Do I hear various lakes and rivers calling to all the weary souls?

But not until after June 2! The Clay County Arts Council's tribute to Joey Pruett is Saturday and that should not be missed. Joey has been such a large part of so many happenings here in Rector I am sure he has touched every one of you in some way. So come on out and honor him with your presence. Besides there are going to be about a million entertainers there who have performed with Joey in the past so the entertainment will be super!

The CCAC is also sponsoring a dance workshop this week in case you are interested in Scottish dancing.

Have you noticed Laura Lynn's beautiful purple cast? Great choice of colors, Laura. Yep, she broke her wrist. Well, maybe 'broke' is an understatement. Shattered might be a better description, She is going to be wearing a cast for quite some time. Get better, Laura, and take it easy for a while.

Lindsey Ford is right now on her way to Kampala Uganda on a mission trip. Lindsey, this will be a grand experience for you. Be yourself and open your heart so you can give the love and bring home the love. We all send prayers and love to surround you on your journey and beyond.

I am delighted to announce that "We Were Army Wives" can now be purchased for the Nook through Barnes & Noble. Next stop the Kindle.

Memorial Day is always a day to reflect on our heritage and those who have sacrificed so that we can enjoy what we do today. It is so much more poignant when we still have warriors on the front lines. We must always remember to honor those who have put their lives on the line for us, those who have made the greatest sacrifices and those who have gallantly stood between Us and Them. We owe our fallen warriors our respect, our gratitude and our never ending support for those they left behind. We owe our returning warriors the same plus the promise to support them and their families as they continue the battles they only just began at the front. Thank you to all the military and all their supporters.

Well that must be it for today. Let me know what is going on with you. You can email me at: porchswing@newwavecomm.net or call me (870) 595-3173. You can even drop me a line at 514 West 3rd St., Rector AR 72461. Bye for now. Stay safe and enjoy today. It could be the best day ever.

Bless our military everywhere.

Have a great Memorial Day

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