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Hot and Dry

Posted Monday, August 6, 2012, at 2:26 PM

Hello everyone! Hot and dry are still the words these days. Even though we have had some showers, their affects are short lived. They are soothing, none the less. August promises more of the same. Please respect the burn bans everywhere. Fires are so aggressive now. We don't want to lose lives or homes.

Doug Stone and his children have been at Carol Stone's house for two weeks.They have been visiting with cousins, Michael and Lynnea Small, Tyler and Sarah Small, Jake Small, Elizabeth Ermert, Miranda Ermert, and Micah Small. Of course the Aunts and Uncles too: Mary and Lendell Small and Hope and Jerry Ermert. They have gotten to know a few of their dads old school chums as well.

My doggies are so very happy these days. Abby positively squeals with delight when she sees any of the Stone children coming. They know they are going for a walk. When I came home from the optometrist the other day there was a whole mob in front of my house including some of the Smalls and the Ermerts.

My brother-in-law Ken Hedrick and his son William visited with Paula and me. Ken is retired from several jobs, including the Navy and is now taking advantage of the G.I. Bill and going to college. He recently returned from an archeological dig in the Holy Lands. He shared some astounding photographs and stories. He and William are now on their way back to their home in Murietta, CA.

For some more astounding photos check out this internet url: http://earthsky.org/space/check-out-mars.... Pictures of Mars including the landing we made this morning. Totally awesome.

As I said I visited the optometrist last week. I went to the Progressive Eye Center in Piggott as I have for several years. I was absolutely delighted but a little puzzled when Dr. Ellis found that I no longer have astigmatism. Astigmatism has been part of my life since I was 16 so I wondered what I had done right to get rid of this irregularity of my cornea. "It sometimes happens," he told me. "As we age our eyelids loosen up and release some of the pressure on our corneas." How quickly we can go from that feeling of magical surprise (Hooray! I no longer have astigmatism) to (WHAT! my eyelids are getting saggy.)

Well, anyway my vision hasn't gotten a lot worse except for the near vision and I can even see better at a distance, especially without the astigmatism. If he just hadn't mentioned that all these things we part of the natural ageing process.

I swear the young doctors all have the same vocabulary these days. Anyway, I want to say thank you to the entire staff at the Progressive Eye Center in Piggott. They always make me feel good and they all have the most amazing sense of humor.

Did you see the Ultimate Oldies in Paragould? I am so bummed I couldn't make it this time. I hear they lived up to their reputation yet again, entertaining the packed house in their usual style. I AM going to see them here in Rector on the Saturday before Labor Day. The tickets are on sale at the Water Department in Rector and it is going to be a sell out. The proceeds from this performance will go toward new air-conditioning units for the Community Center. Get your tickets early.

Have you been watching the Olympics? There have been some stunning performances there for sure.

Check out this internet link for a real feel good experience. Happy people dancing all over the world. It even has dancers from League City, Texas, Paula's home town. http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap120710.html

Well I suppose I should end this now. Let me know what is going on with you. You can email me at: porchswing@newwavecomm.net or call me (870) 595-3173. You can even drop me a line at 514 West 3rd St., Rector AR 72461. Stay cool, have fun and be safe.

Bless our military.

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