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Posted Monday, November 5, 2012, at 12:31 PM

It is November. Winter will settle in this month. We won't have many of those warmish windless days when we can walk with our faces turned to the sun and open our jackets to its warmth, but we will have clear azure blue skies and a crisp clean feel to the air. We will have cozy evenings and family gatherings and friendly get-togethers that will warm more that our exteriors. This begins the time of thanksgiving. The crops are in or soon will be, feasts and festivals are scheduled and awaited and we progress now to the end of the calendar year. We still have time to make this year the best ever. Let's do it!

I look forward to this time of year. It is my favorite. I begin to reflect and to call all the blessings of the previous months to mind. This year, however, I am thinking about all those who have been touched by the "perfect storm." Now as they are still trying to find pieces of their lives that are scattered by the winds and the waters, they are about to experience yet another storm, one that will bring dangerous temperatures to their already shattered existence. Much help is needed for them now. It is time for all of us to pull together for them.

I am reminded of our ice storm and the weeks without electricity and I am reminded of the way we all pulled together, cooked together, ate together, and helped one another. And there were the strangers that pitched in. Remember the trucker from Minnesota that came back with a truck full of supplies that he had collected. The Red Cross was here too and Fema and the Salvation Army. We made it and those on the East Coast will make it too. They will make it because of their strength and because of the strength lent by others.

I have heard that some people call this storm a curse or a sign. I believe that everything is a message for us. We may all get different messages from the same event, but there is always a communication between us and a higher power. The message I am getting from this storm as well as from previous storms, like the tornado that did so much destruction to Marmaduke, is this. We need each other. We are here to work with each other, to help one another.

We have much need and we have much to give. There is comfort in the knowing that we are not alone. Technology gives us the advantage of sharing in a way that we have never before known. We can see and hear across the miles. We can experience in a lesser form whatever we choose to see. We no longer have the luxury of ignorance and this hands us the responsibility of compassion, empathy. Let's all accept these blessings and be a blessing for someone else today.

This is not my usual column. Next week it will be business as usual here, but today I needed to say these things and I welcome your input. I do believe we are all in this life together and for a reason. And I believe we can only reach our full potential by helping one another. Please let me know what you're thinking. You can email me at: porchswing@newwavecomm.net or call me (870) 595-4997. You can even drop me a line at 514 West 3rd St., Rector AR 72461.

Bless our military.

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