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Blessings for Thanksgiving

Posted Monday, November 19, 2012, at 12:42 PM

Thanksgiving is a truly American holiday. It is non-denominational. It celebrates success. It began with the collaboration between vastly differing cultures and races. It was possible because people came together to help one another and to share and to be thankful for all they had been given and all they had learned. It also honors the peace in our hearts that allowed humans to reach across their differences to find a way to live this one day in harmony with nature and with each other, in gratitude to God, to Mother Earth and to each other. It is ours, America's. It is the symbol of our humanity. Have a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving.

What did you do when the electricity was out last Thursday? It was actually pretty quiet here except for the cell phone. "Is your power out? Mine is". From Entergy "An outage has occurred ..." "This is the Mayor of Rector ". No TV, no refrigerator humming, no washing machine and ... NO INTERNET! The battery in my laptop was fully charged so I could continue to work on projects there, but no checking email or facebook. I couldn't vacuum or run the clothes dryer (big disappointment there) or use the printer or the sewing machine. I was forced to admit that we have become prisoners of our technology.

I am fortunate enough to have a gas wall heater so I was warm and I could use the stove top so I could have cooked, but really why. Carol Stone, Lane Wozniak and I decided to see if Genny's kitchen was open. We drove up just before dark and there were candles in the windows and cars in the parking lot. Inside was cozy with candles on each table and the usual fragrances wafting from the kitchen. We had a lovely, delicious dinner. Thank you, Burns's.

The Community Center kicked in the generator to allow the Clay County Arts Council to have rehearsals for the upcoming Night of Chocolate performance and so we could have our planning meeting. Of course an entire 30 minute sit-com could be created out of the scene Carol and I created trying to get ourselves out to the garage with candles and my laptop and our purses and the bank bag, while keeping the dogs from joining us or tripping us or catching themselves on fire.

I managed to get the car started and the lights on so I could blow out the candles and wrestle with the release rope on the ELECTRIC garage door opener. I am only about a half inch too short to reach that handle easily. I am therefore also a little bit too short to reach the garage door if it is all the way up so I have to get it up high enough for the car to pass under, but not so high I can't reach it after the car is out and balance it so it doesn't raise itself the instant I let go. Needless to say we were late for the meeting. But we made it.

Of course my cell phone was ringing before I was seated at the meeting to tell me that the power was back on so I knew I could get home with less trouble than I had leaving. Thank you Entergy and thank you Mayor Freeman for keeping us apprised of the situation and the progress as it went along. The lightless streets and the eerie quite reminded me again of the town after the big ice storm. A much quicker resolution this time.

Lark and Stephen Sigsby celebrated a major anniversary this past week. Congratulations.

I hope you made it to the Craft Fair at the Rector Community Center on Saturday. It was jam packed with some of the most wonderful items. Gourds, wallets and jewelry made from duct tape, beaded jewelry and artisan jewelry and crochet hats and blankets, embroidery sweat shirts and towels, cute purses and vases and wreaths and cupcakes and paintings and more and more and more. They were also selling breakfast and lunch items and snacks. Well done.

Oh, my. It is time to go. Please let me know what is happening with you. You can email me at: porchswing@newwavecomm.net or call me (870) 595-4997. You can even drop me a line at 514 West 3rd St., Rector AR 72461.

Bless our military and don't forget to bless the victims of hurricane Sandy who still have some healing to do.

Bless us all and have a safe, peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving.

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