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Bye Bye January

Posted Monday, January 28, 2013, at 1:22 PM

As we finish with the first month of this new year, we have to admit it has been an eventful one. We have another temporary reprieve from the dreaded fiscal cliff even though it still lurks on the horizon. We have had the second inauguration of President Obama with all the pomp and circumstance that goes with it and, of course the scandal surrounding Beyonce's song. I really don't care whether it was pre-recorded or not and can't understand why it would make any difference.

We are really trying to break the drought so far this year. We have had snow and rain and ice and tomorrow hints at some of that really nasty kind of weather we can have when the temperature reaches the high 60's just in time to confront a raging cold snap. We haven't left the drought condition behind just yet but we are moving in the right direction. It would really be good to see the farmers get a break this year.

I was coming back from Kennett last week and just before I reached the Rector City limits I saw flashing blue lights and noticed a virtual swarm of law enforcement vehicles bunched up where one of the farm roads intersects Hwy 49. I swear I have not seen so many police vehicles in one place outside of the hyped-up chase scenes on television and in the movies. As I slowed and stopped to allow them to peel off from the clump and head in various directions, I noticed a lone civilian car on the side road with the doors open.

I was sort of surprised to be allowed to continue into Rector as by this time I was fairly certain the town had been invaded by something horrendous. But it seemed that all the excitement was on the road behind me. I hear someone made the no-so-good choice to run from the Kennett Police and ended up drawing quite a following as she crossed the state line. Listen, if you are not driving a souped up sports car when you decided to commit a crime, my advice is to park it and give up when you see the blue lights in your rear view mirror.

I hear Joe Burns is recuperating well from his broken hip. Physical therapy has become a way of life for him and Gail. It's okay. It is only temporary.

Tyler and Sarah Small's new baby, Rachel has been meeting the rest of her family a little bit at a time as they make the trip to Little Rock. She is still in Arkansas Children's Hospital, but is getting stronger, and I hear is absolutely beautiful! "The cutest little nose and profile and the most perfect little ears. Just absolutely beautiful" These are the words of great grandmother, Carol Stone. I am sure great grandmother Betty Small has some praise as well. Give me a call, Betty. You don't want to be out praised by Carol Anne. Same thing for the rest of Rachel's grandparents and great grandparents.

Remember the fundraiser for the Smalls at Boydsville this Saturday. Chili and soup supper at the Boydsville Community Center at 3:00 pm, Saturday, February 2nd. A delicious way to offer your support.

We had another reunion between lost pet and baby girl this week. Lindsay Carter posted on FaceBook that she and KK were missing their little kitten terribly and she described it, asking if anyone had seen it. Within a few minutes, a trail had been followed and a kitten rescued from a tree a few days earlier, by Candy Hill and Lane Wozniak had been reunited with her grieving family. Finally able to curl up beside her KK, the kitten and KK sleeping together as usual all was good with the world again.

Billy and Elizabeth Stone announced on FaceBook the possibility that their government housing just might be haunted. What a discussion this started. There are a lot of us that seem to be blessed with visitors from another plane. Lots of good ghost stories out there. Care to share some? Let me know. I have a few of my own.

Good to see Steve Malin in town for a few days this past week.

Now don't forget we have a concert at the Rector Community Center on February 16. Chad Garrett and Friends will be performing. One of those friends is Lindsey Ford. It is going to be a great performance so hurry and get your tickets.

The Clay County Arts Council is also gearing up for an art competition in February. "Art from the Heart" is the theme for this year's competition for Clay County School children. If your child is a budding or accomplished artist, contact the school art teacher for information. Children who are home schooled are also encouraged to participate. Contact Gail Burns (870) 240-3014 for further information. Cash prizes will be awarded for the winners.

If you want me to mention any of your group's goings on in the column, just let me know. There is always something going on in Rector.

Guess I had better end this now. Let me know what is going on with you. You can reach me at: (870) 595-4997. Or email me at porchswing@newwavecomm.net

Bless our military

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