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Venus Makes Spectacular Conjunction with Pleiades Star Cluster
Posted Thursday, April 5, at 3:19 PM
Venus, at about 60 million miles away, passes nearly in front of the much more distant Pleiades star cluster the afternoon of April 4. This occurs about every 8 years. The Pleiades is a newborn (ONLY about 100 million years old!) star cluster that resembles a small version of the little dipper to the naked eye, about 2 BILLION times as far away as Venus. Photo over my rooftop in Piggott...

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Moon and Jupiter
Posted Monday, January 2, at 10:36 PM

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America in Space-October 2011
Posted Friday, November 4, at 3:30 PM

America in Space-October 2011: First of all, my apologies for not printing a column in several months due to a hectic schedule. In this issue, I would like to briefly go over the current projects of NASA (and other space programs) that are currently in activity or are in flight toward their target...

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Moon conjunction with Jupiter
Posted Saturday, October 15, at 1:34 PM

In the east after sunset is the bright planet Jupiter. It is about 500 million miles away and would hold 1,300 earths. On Oct. 13, 2011, the Moon (about 2000 times closer) passed by Jupiter in what is called a conjunction. On another subject, my neighbor has 8 adorable rat terrier puppies, free to a good home. Call me at 598-7930...

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NASA to Make History-Thursday 3/17
Posted Wednesday, March 16, at 11:19 PM

For the first time in human history, a spacecraft will, if things go as planned, go into orbit around Mercury about 8 PM, CDT, Thursday, March 17. Due to the very low gravity of Mercury (the smallest planet, since Pluto got demoted to a dwarf planet), and the extreme gravity of the Sun, making it into orbit around the Sun's closest planet was a difficult trick that took 1 flyby of the Earth, 2 by Venus, and 3 by Mercury. ...

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Shuttle launches, 2 more to go
Posted Saturday, February 26, at 4:39 PM

With the termination of the space shuttle program later this year, we are down to the last 3 flights. Thursday, Feb. 24 was the last launch of the space shuttle Discovery. In April, the shuttle Endeavour will launch. Later this year is the flight of the Atlantis, the last shuttle flight in an impressive history of over 130 flights of 5 spacecraft (the Columbia and the Challenger were the only 2 disasters, losing 7 astronauts in each) over a period of 30 years...

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Web Address-David Sawyers' Art
Posted Wednesday, October 13, at 5:26 PM

A bit off the space subject, the web address for David Sawyers' art work (a front page feature in the Times a couple of weeks ago) is at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fine-Art-by-David-Sawyers/152445751447883?ref=ts

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America in Space-September 2010
Posted Tuesday, September 28, at 10:14 AM

Since my last installment of "America in Space", the space programs of the world, in cooperation with NASA, have discovered hundreds of extrasolar planets, plentiful ice is found underneath the surface of Mars, a spacecraft is exploring the asteroid belt, New Horizons is on its way to Pluto, the Shuttle program is about to conclude, and many other items are in the news...

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"Renshaw receives NASA Moon Rock Certification"
Posted Tuesday, March 30, at 1:06 PM

Kenneth Renshaw, NASA Solar System Ambassador/Saturn Observation Campaign Member, of Piggott, recently earned a NASA Certification at a workshop at Three Rivers Community College. The workshop, which certifies educators to borrow actual Moon rocks from the priceless Apollo collection owned by the Federal Government/NASA and meteorite samples, was conducted by John Weis of Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama...

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Matilda Pfeiffer Museum Presents Program on the Paragould Meteorite
Posted Saturday, February 6, at 9:10 PM

On Wednesday, February 17, at 3 PM, the Matilda Pfeiffer Museum (next to the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum, off West Clay Street, Piggott) will present Piggott resident and NASA Solar System Ambassador, Kenneth Renshaw, in a presentation about the famed Paragould Meteorite...

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International Year of Astronomy
Posted Friday, January 15, at 2:19 PM

The International Year of Astronomy 2009, declared by the United Nations and the International Astronomical Union, came to a close Jan. 9/10 in a ceremony in Italy. A podcast for the IYA2009, The 365 Days of Astronomy, however, was so popular around the world, that it has been extended another year. ...

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The Space Station and Shuttle Fly Over Piggott
Posted Saturday, November 28, at 10:01 PM

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Crater on planet Mercury named after writer with Piggott connection
Posted Wednesday, July 15, at 1:17 PM

Names for 16 new craters on the planet Mercury, studied by NASA spacecraft Messenger, have recently been approved by the International Astronomical Union. One of these is Hemingway, named after writer Ernest Hemingway, a frequent visitor of Piggott in the 1930's...

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Update-Space Shuttle
Posted Tuesday, July 14, at 4:50 PM

For the 5th time, the Endeavour space shuttle launch (STS-127) was scrubbed due to weather yesterday (July 13, and in June due to a hydrogen leak). An attempt will be made tomorrow, July 15, at 5:03, Piggott time. Launch coverage is on NASA-TV (http://www.nasa.gov/55644main_NASATV_Windows.asx). The shuttle will go to the International Space Station, in orbit 230 miles above the earth, to complete the Japanese KIBO laboratory...

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America in Space-June 2009: Launch to Moon
Posted Monday, June 22, at 9:18 PM

America in Space-by Kenneth Renshaw, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, Piggott, Arkansas June 2009 This month's America in Space will see our nation returning to the Moon after many years of waiting, as well as a postponement of the shuttle launch of Endeavour...

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Shuttle Atlantis Lifts Off Monday
Posted Tuesday, May 12, at 1:40 PM

The most complex invention in the history of the human race, the Space Shuttle Atlantis, lifted off from Kennedy Space Center, Monday, May 11, at 1:01 PM (Piggott time). It will dock with the Hubble Space Telescope on Wednesday, for the final series of repairs/upgrades for the legendary instrument, hopefully extending (and upgrading) its ability to do astronomical research another 5+ years before it will be deorbited. The 11 day mission will involve 5 space walks...

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Spectacular Double Conjunction
Posted Thursday, April 30, at 2:07 PM

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America in Space-April 2009
Posted Tuesday, April 21, at 7:35 PM

This spring, our nation's space program is seeing progress toward a human return to the Moon, a spacecraft to find earth-like planets elsewhere in our galaxy, preparations for the last shuttle flight to the Hubble Space Telescope, a continuation of a successful probe around Saturn, as well as other projects...

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Podcast-Exploring Space from Space
Posted Monday, April 13, at 11:51 AM

For the second time this spring, I have been honored with the opportunity to release a podcast for the International Year of Astronomy site, "365 Days of Astronomy". This podcast is about the dozens of current spacecraft now being used for astronomical research, including Sun orbiters, planetary flybys, planetary landers/rovers, and the telescopes in Earth orbit. ...

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America in Space-February 2009
Posted Sunday, February 22, at 10:26 PM

The 2009 has opened up with a number of discoveries in astronomy and a number of projects planned in our nation's space program. To start off with the big, the measured motions of stars within our home galaxy, the Milky Way, has led to the discovery that it is about 50% more massive than previously thought--the Milky Way is about 3 trillion (that's 3,000,000,000,000) times the mass of our Sun. ...

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Kenneth Renshaw NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador/Saturn Observation Campaign Kenneth is one of 494 volunteer educators and astronomers who donate their time to educate America's youth, and the general public, about astronomy and the U.S. space program. Organized in 1999 by NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab,it focuses on spacecraft built by the JPL such as Voyager, Mars Rover, Galileo, Cassini as well as the Hubble Space Telescope. Renshaw is one of four ambassadors in Arkansas, and makes presentations to all age and experience groups from pre-school to university science level. His official NASA website it www2.jpl.nasa.gov/ambassador/profiles/Kenneth_Renshaw.htm His email address is renshaw@newwavecomm.net
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