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A recent Harris poll has indicated the new "America's Team" in the NFL is the Denver Broncos. Here are the top 10 in order of their finish in the poll, vote for your favorite.
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Remembering Aunt Stella (10/16/14)
It has been a long time since my Aunt Stella passed away. It was probably 40 years ago, give or take. But today I was thinking about her. I can see her in my mind's eye. She was petite, probably not more than 5 feet tall. I see her smiling or her head thrown back laughing at something some family member said...
Those Golden Years (10/09/14)
I was one of those senior adults who attended a Golden Age conference two weeks ago. There were silver haired men and women all over the place. But there was lots of laughter and comraderie, too. That conference got me to thinking about the golden years...
A Marriage Expert (10/02/14)
I was married for 35 years so that makes me an expert on marriage. In my lifetime, I've seen what I consider good marriages and not so good. At first, young marrieds are so enamored with each other, they see no faults. Time passes, and differences begin to surface...
On Being a Hoarder (09/29/14)
I've been reading articles about cluttering and ways to remedy the malady. Some of us are hoarders and don't even know it. We've surrounded our homes with stuff we've accumulated over the years. A lot of the stuff was given to us as gifts and they have sentimental value. We don't want, and don't, part with it. So it accumulates on shelves, in corners, in cardboard boxes or overflowing baskets...
Neckties and Earrings (09/18/14)
We are gluttons for punishment. Fashion year after fashion year, we subject our bodies to fashions that should have stayed in the store. Some are hazardous to our health. Men's neckties, for instance. Humorist Lewis Grizzard said that men who wear neckties all the time tend to be high strung and nervous because they've got this piece of cloth tied tightly around their necks. ...
Do You Have Brain Fog? (09/11/14)
Do you suffer from brain fog? Do you sometimes try to bring something to mind but just can't do it. For example, the name of a friend or acquaintance. You stand there blank, trying to bring up a name that you certainly should know. It's embarrassing, to say the least...
The Ice Bucket Challenge (09/04/14)
Ice water is "soaking" the nation. It's all part of the ALS ice bucket challenge to raise money for research and bring awareness to Lou Gehrig's disease. ALS is another name for amyotropic lateral sclerosis, a disease with no known cure. Baseball player Lou Gehrig revealed his diagnosis in 1939. The New York Yankees baseball great died of the disease at age 37 in 1941...
Humor In All Situations (08/28/14)
They say humor can be found in any circumstance, whether it is illness, financial or marital woes, old age, proverty. Perhaps that's true. At least certain people seem to look at things through rose-colored glasses. Linda Ellerbee said that a few weeks after her breast cancer surgery, she went out to play catch with her golden retriever. ...
Six Months at a Red Light (08/21/14)
I just got through reading my junk mail......no greeting cards......just junk mail. A study by Priority Management Corporation of Pittsburg finds that the average American, during a lifetime, spends eight months opening junk mail. This month I noticed that many Americans, especially women, are standing in long lines at checkouts during the Christmas rush. The study indicates that we spend an average of five years waiting in lines and six months sitting at red lights...
Does Worry Ever End? (08/14/14)
Do we ever stop worrying about our children? That's a question asked by parents all through life. I think the answer is no. Although my children are adults, I still worry about them. But the question here is a different kind. Do children ever stop worrying about their parents?...
Babies and Young Mothers (08/07/14)
This morning I watched a mother of three small children corralling her brood as she tried to load some stuff into her car. They blocked her way, pell mell, as they tried to see what she was doing. It didn't faze her as she moved them from place to place, out of her way...
Those Golden Rule Days (07/31/14)
August is just around the corner. Hard to believe, isn't it? Mothers are shopping for school supplies and clothing for their youngsters and teachers are getting ready to assemble their classrooms for the first day of school. It takes a lot of preparation before parents and teachers gather for Open House...