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The Angel Hair Tree (12/18/14)
It was Christmas in rural Indiana. My children were excited as Christmas day drew near. My three-year-old son wanted a red riding tractor. My seven-year-old daughter wanted a ballerina doll. We were a long way from our family and the place we called home in Southeast Missouri. But this holiday there was no money for a trip back home. Nor could my husband get leave from the military base where he was stationed. So we tried to make the best of it...
Figuring Out a Woman (12/11/14)
It seems to me that men ought to understand women by now. Women have been around since Adam and Eve, maybe before. And they haven't changed that much. When a woman asks a man if she looks fat in a certain outfit, she certainly doesn't expect him to say, "Yes." That would be near fatal. When Eve asked Adam if her fig leaf made her look fat, do you for one minute think he said, "Yes."...
The White Room (12/04/14)
Peggy is off this week, so we feature one of her "Best of Peggy" columns
Counting Our Beatitudes (11/26/14)
This week a "Best of Peggy" Thanksgiving classic
An Attitude Adjustment (11/06/14)
My attitude, or way of thinking, changes like the seasons. I think it has something to do with my stage in life and it has a lot to do with age, too. When I was younger, the holidays took on a spirit of wonder, awe and happiness. Especially when the children were small, at the age when everything was a magical time for them. There was fun and excitement as they opened each present under the tree. Christmas was a joyful time...
Halloween, Then and Now (10/30/14)
Halloween used to be safer. At least, that's my thinking. When my children were trick or treaters, I had no fear of letting them trick or treat without a guardian. Yes, at first I went with them, but later they were allowed to go without me. They had their instructions, their plastic Halloween pumpkins and masks. They were not to leave the neighborhood, to stay close to home...
A Flea Market Connoisseur (10/23/14)
Are you a garage sale connoisseur? At times, I think I am. My eye is always out for that once in a lifetime artistic find, like an oil painting by Picasso or DaVinci. In reality the only painting (a print, actually) that I bought was in a flea market for $1. I displayed it for a short time, then relegated it to my sunroom, a catchall for castaways...
Remembering Aunt Stella (10/16/14)
It has been a long time since my Aunt Stella passed away. It was probably 40 years ago, give or take. But today I was thinking about her. I can see her in my mind's eye. She was petite, probably not more than 5 feet tall. I see her smiling or her head thrown back laughing at something some family member said...
Those Golden Years (10/09/14)
I was one of those senior adults who attended a Golden Age conference two weeks ago. There were silver haired men and women all over the place. But there was lots of laughter and comraderie, too. That conference got me to thinking about the golden years...
A Marriage Expert (10/02/14)
I was married for 35 years so that makes me an expert on marriage. In my lifetime, I've seen what I consider good marriages and not so good. At first, young marrieds are so enamored with each other, they see no faults. Time passes, and differences begin to surface...
On Being a Hoarder (09/29/14)
I've been reading articles about cluttering and ways to remedy the malady. Some of us are hoarders and don't even know it. We've surrounded our homes with stuff we've accumulated over the years. A lot of the stuff was given to us as gifts and they have sentimental value. We don't want, and don't, part with it. So it accumulates on shelves, in corners, in cardboard boxes or overflowing baskets...