PHS choir has good year

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

The Piggott High School choir has had a very good year, including a successful holiday performance season.

Choir member Jeremy Edwards will be auditioning for the all-region choir on Friday.

Choir director Sandra Routszong said the group is comprised of 13 members from grades seven through 12. Band director Tracy Meadows assists with preparation for the holiday season.

"All music, in general, is important for them to study," Meadows said.

He said academics helps to develop skills and music with personality and spirituality.

"If you don't have any music or the arts, you don't develop that part of the person that is spiritual, that relates to other people," Meadows said.

Routszong said the choir also learns language as they learn to perform songs in foreign languages phonetically. Meadows said diction is studied in vocal music, and the group has performed in both German and Spanish.

He said it helps the students learn to appreciate all different types of music, and they become more well-rounded.

"I think you're more tolerant of more cultures and races," Meadows said.

He said studies have shown the fine arts have increased students' test scores by 15 to 25 points in math and reading SAT's.

"The arts, for me, are as important as academics," Meadows said.

Heather Blair has been a member of the choir for four years.

"I love to sing," she said.

Heather, who sings soprano, loves performing all kinds of songs.

Jason Davis, a baritone, is in his second year with the choir and has been an eight-year member of the school band, where he plays trumpet.

"It's fun," he said.

Jason likes all types of music and enjoys performing jazz on the trumpet.

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