School board bans district's Sunday activities

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

By a unanimous vote by board members Monday night, the Piggott district school board passed a motion, made by president Shawn Parker, to ban all extracurricular activities on Sundays.

"This is something I firmly believe in," Parker told the board and those in attendance. "It may not be popular, but this is something I've been quite concerned about for awhile.

"This subject came up last year and I didn't stand up for it then like I should have. No single incident provoked this, but I believe one day per week should be set aside for God and family.

"Some student athletes have been treated unfairly for not attending Sunday practices due to church or family obligations and that is not fair. Our kids need one day a week when they are not being graded."

Added Sue Helen McHaffey who was in attendance, "I have a big problem with Sunday practices and activities. As it is, our children grow up too soon. Setting one day aside to be with our children is not too much to ask."

Superintendent Barry Scott told the board that he had spoken with PHS athletic director Brock Swann about the subject and stated, "Brock said he couldn't be here tonight due to a game, but emphasized that he and the rest of the coaching staff would be totally opposed to banning all practices on Sunday."

After hearing from others in attendance, Parker made a motion to ban all extra curricular activities on Sunday.

Prior to a second motion, board member David Moody asked Parker, "Are you saying that all activities, not just sports practices be banned?"

"Yes," Parker responded. "And I make a motion to ban all extra curricular activities on Sundays."

The motion was seconded by John Rodery and passed 5-0.

The motion prohibits sports practices, open houses, band concerts, sports banquets and any other school activities from taking place on Sunday.

Feeding livestock for FFA shows will still be allowed.

Other Business

In other business, the board:

approved the expenditures and financial reports for February 2003.

accepted a bid from Fry Equipment for the purchase of a John Deere tractor.

accepted a proposal for additional days be added to the 2003 school calendar to make up for snow days.

The final day of school will now be May 29 instead if the previous May 23.

tabled passing a motion on the proposed school calendar for the upcoming year.

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