Council makes commission appointments

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

The Piggott City Council discussed commission appointments during the regular utilities meeting Monday night.

The council accepted the resignation of Dr. Jerry Muse from the Airport Commission and appointed businessman Mike Yon to the vacancy.

The council also appointed businessman George Forrest to the Board of Adjustments to fill the position held by the late Dr. John Howell.

The council tabled discussion of additional appointments to the Planning and Zoning Commission and consideration of amending the city ordinance to increase the number of members from five to seven.

Mayor Gerald Morris said the request was made because the commission does not always have enough members present at a meeting for a quorum.

Subdivision Discussion

The council voted to accept the Planning and Zoning Commission's "recommendation 1" in regards to the Milde Subdivision.

The recommendation would "require all culvert, road bed and paving to be completed per the original request" and the specifications to complete the work.

It also states that, since "immediate future building" is not being considered, that a turn-around should be constructed for emergency vehicles and reimbursement should be made for city expenditures "as the city never agreed to provide labor or materials in the project."

The council also voted to return funds held in escrow paid by the owner for road improvements. The amount in escrow is $5,800, and the council agreed to deduct $730 for work already completed.

Morris said the property owner has requested to be included on the April meeting agenda to address the council about the subdivision issue.

Other Business

In other business, the council:

Adopted an ordinance to place a stop sign on Clay Street at the intersection of Clay and Court.

Discussed problems with illegal dumping at the city's debris disposal site. One option considered is placing a camera at the site to monitor the area. Discussion was tabled for a study of camera prices.

Heard from Utilities Administrator Ted Bellers about the passage of Act 366 of 2003, also known as the Arkansas Municipal Electric Utility Interlocal Cooperation Act.

The law authorizes and governs the planning, construction, financing, ownership, operation and management of electric projects through formation of separate political subdivisions by municipalities owning or operating electric utility systems through the existing interlocal act process to create state municipal electric utility consolidated authorities.

Bellers said the Arkansas Municipal Power Association has "no plans at this time" to form a cooperative group.

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