Airport to purchase land for improvements to facilities

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The airport commission has been granted permission to buy 8.56 acres of land from Kent Coomer to be used for improvements to the facility. A motion was passed unanimously on Monday evening in a regular meeting of the Piggott City Council to allow the purchase.

The council also adopted a resolution to allow Piggott Community Hospital to purchase a portable x-ray machine. The purchase would require a short-term loan for $20,051 from Piggott State Bank at five percent interest, for no longer than five years.

In other business, the council brought the noise ordinance to a second reading.

There was some discussion of changing the times allowed for construction, as stated in the ordinance, to be extended to 8 p.m. instead of the original 6 p.m. A motion was made and carried unanimously to make the changes before the third reading of the ordinance to take place at the next council meeting.

Mayor Gerald Morris told the council that over the past several months, money has been saved because of adjustments in payroll. He asked that approximately 35 percent of those savings be used to correct some payroll inequities that have incurred over the past few months.

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