Mohawks and Portageville face off Friday night

Thursday, September 2, 2004

The Senior Mohawk football team will kick off its season opener against Portageville at 7 p.m. Friday at Parker Field.

"It's a question of which team eliminates its mistakes," said Piggott coach Ken Shumate. "They're bigger, but we match up", he continued. Portageville returns six players on the offensive side from last year and seven from defense.

Their senior quarterback, Jordan Penn, has been starting in that position since he was a sophomore. He started a few games as a freshman, once his brother, who held that position, was injured. He has a strong arm and throws really well. Another key player for Portageville is Antonio Scott, 5-11, 185, running back. He has also been in this position since he was a freshman.

Shumate feels it comes down to eliminating Portageville's big plays. If the Mohawks miss a tackle or two, Scott could go the distance.

Portageville is large. Their defensive and offensive lines go 225-230 a player. Shumate said if his team knows their assignments and, if they stay low on their blocks, the Mohawks could end up on top.

Portageville plays the same split defense as the Mohawks. The Mohawks need to provide pass coverage and do not allow Penn behind to throw. If they are to be successful, the Mohawks will also need to keep Scott from getting outside.

Shumate said all the starting positions have yet to be filled. It comes down to this last week of practice to see who is playing the best and is the most aggressive. Offensively, Jeremy Lemmons will start as quarterback for the Mohawks. Morgan Burns will be at the center position, with John Midkiff as running back. Nick Corrales and Chris Wegel will rotate as tight ends. Guards still vying for starting position are Cody Burris, Tyler Pike, Darrin Parrish and Michael Ely. Jonathan Cox and Daniel Cooper will rotate at wingback. Defensively, John Midkiff and Kalyn Hoggard will be inside, with Daniel Cooper as outside linebacker. Aaron Householder will hold a defensive line position. Nick Corrales will be a defensive end, with Michael Ely and Chris Wegel rotating the position. The remaining defensive line is still a tossup.

Jeremy Lemmons will be free safety on the defense. Cornerbacks will be between Craig Dollins, Dillan Cate, Jonathan Cox and Chad Emerson. Kalyn Hoggard and John Midkiff will rotate. Tailback vying for time are T.J. Harris, Dillan Cate, and Aaron Householder. Nick Corrales will be the kicker for the Mohawks, with Brandon Mann has backup. Offensive tackle positions will be between Kyle Phillips, Darren Parrish, and Joe Rouse.

Shumate said, if the Mohawks were in the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and they were several times last season, they won the game. He feels the Mohawks can be successful against Portageville. He said he has yet to have a poor practice with this team. "Sometimes heart can take you further than talent," the coach added.

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