Junior Mohawks face Walnut Ridge in first game

Thursday, September 2, 2004

The Piggott Junior Mohawks' football season will begin on at 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 2, with the seventh grade team hosting Walnut Ridge.

The Junior Mohawks' game will begin following the seventh grade game.

Coach Ken Shumate said the seventh grade team is looking good. He said they have not had much practice, as most of the team were not able to attend the summer conditioning and did not begin until school began.

For the junior high team, Shumate said, "We have a better passing game this year." Shumate said the Junior Mohawks are a young team, with only four ninth graders on both the offensive and defensive starting lineups.

Starting for the Junior Mohawks will be Daniel Baldwin as quarterback, Justin Howell in fullback position, Casey Booth at tailback and Ethan Midkiff at center. Guards will be eighth graders Wesley Woods and Patrick McNabb. Luke Wade and Eric Southerly will be tackles. Tight end will be Bryce Swann, with wingbacks rotating between Michael Morgan and Jim Threat. Split ends will be Chris Burns, Rob Rice and Chuck Rice.

Shumate said the games will depend on their opponent's experience, due to the Mohawks' being a young team. "We're probably going to play more eighth graders than the other teams."

Concerning Walnut Ridge, the player in their running back position is bigger and they have decent-sized linemen. "We have a quicker defense and quicker lineman," Shumate said.

Walnut Ridge also has quarterback who throws the ball really well for a junior high player.

"The key will be for our defense to hold them and not let this get to be a scoring contest," the coach said.

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