Greyhounds to rely on experience in 2002-2003 season

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Experience is the keyword for the Marmaduke Greyhounds in the upcoming basketball season. The Greyhounds went 28-11 last year and have a number of players coming back including their talented All-State player, Josh Bateman.

Coach Steve Richey said, "We have a lot of experienced players who know how to win coming back and with the addition of those coming up, expectations will be high. I believe we will be a better team than last year. We will be a more balanced scoring team. Our defense will be better. With John Clark coming up and Kenneth Barnham back on the team we will be a better rebounding team. It's going to be tough though, everybody in our conference has improved. BIC will be real tough, Riverside and Bay will also have strong teams. New conference members CRA and Maynard will not be pushovers and you don't know what to expect from Rector with their new coach.

"Our conference is tough but we also play in one of the roughest regionals in the state. Our goal of going to the state tournament is a challenging one but we are to go."

Coach Richey then briefly commented on each of his players:

Andrew Dodd, 5' 7" senior - "A hard nosed competitor who plays extremely hard. He is a good defensive player and good shooter."

Brian Potter, 5' 11" junior - He may be the most improved player we have. He could help us off the bench this year."

Josh Bateman, 6' 0" senior - "A tremendous talent and great shooter. He is an outstanding passer and he plays good defense. People are going to be surprised to see that he has improved his overall play. He worked hard over the summer and he has improved as an all-around player."

Kenneth Barnham, 6' 0" senior - "He hasn't played for the last two years so he has gotten a little bit behind. He worked hard to get back in shape this past summer. Look for him to get significant playing time in the future."

Justin Gilbee, 5' 11" sophomore - "He didn't play a lot in junior high. He has shown improvement in recent practices and could move the playing time list."

Kyle Richey, 6' 0" senior - "He is a very intelligent player. He works very hard and makes few mistakes. He is a good shooter and is a very good role player."

John Clark, 6' 3" sophomore - "He is a true rebounder. He has the knack of knowing where the ball is going down. He is a good shooter and a tremendous competitor."

Shane Jordan, 6' 2" senior - Has the potential for a tremendous year. He's a good shooter and good rebounder. He can have as good a year as wants to have."

Tim Speaks, 5' 9" junior - "He has a tremendous attitude. He is a good, quick player who works hard every day."

Kenneth Boone, 6' 1" junior - "Very strong. A good rebounder and shooter. He stayed in the gym all summer to get in shape. He is a good addition to the team."

Nick Boggs, 6' 3" senior - "Tremendous jumper. He can dunk the basketball and is a good rebounder. He should get good playing time off the bench."

Dane Boggs, 6' 5" sophomore - "His freshmen year was his only year of basketball. He is strong and talented. With time off the bench he could be a good player in the future."

Jordan Gott, 6' 0" junior - "Right now he has an injured hand and will be out for three more weeks. He has good jumping ability and is very quick. He has a good drive to the basket, plays hard and is a good rebounder."

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