Lady Hounds prepare for new season

Thursday, October 24, 2002

The Marmaduke Lady Greyhounds find themselves in a position that perhaps no team in Arkansas high school history has ever been in. With two 40 win seasons behind them they stand ready to try and achieve that mark for the third straight season.

As incredible an achievement as winning 40 games is, their coach wants it known that is not their main goal for the year.

Coach Matt Dean said, "Winning a lot of games is nice but that isn't what we a focusing on. We know that if we play well the wins will take care of themselves. Our seasonal goal is getting to the state tournament and have a chance to win it.

"To get ready we have beefed our schedule up. We play Guy-Perkins next week and we may play Greenland before the year is over. Our conference and regional are stronger than last year. Everybody will be gunning for us. To achieve our goal we will really have to play well."

Coach Dean then highlighted each player on his roster:

Brooke Grigsby, 5' 9" senior - "She has won about every award you can win. She has tremendous strength and talent. After all the weight training she has done this summer she could be better than ever."

Beth Grigsby, 6' 0" senior - "Unbelievable talent. She too has worked hard this summer and like Brooke, the sky is the limit for her."

Heather Johnson, 5' 7" junior - "She is our point guard. A terrific three-point shooter. She had an outstanding year last year as a sophomore and she could have a better year this year."

Lauren Wright, 5' 9" junior - "Very talented and a great rebounder. Versatile, she can play in a lot of spots. She could really shine this year."

Sarah Rogers, 5' 8" junior - "Another very versatile player and very strong. She has improved her three-point shooting and could make teams pay for laying off her."

Keena Graham, 5' 9" senior - "She has improved tremendously. She has always played good defense but now she can shoot the ball with more authority. She will help us a lot this year."

Danielle Vincent, 5' 6" junior - "She is much improved and very athletic. She will help us coming off the bench a lot this year."

Terri Graham, 5' 9" junior - "She shoots the ball better this year. She will do a good job for us coming off the bench."

Mary Humphries, 5' 7" sophomore - "She has learned our system really well. A hard worker, she will be a big asset for us off the bench."

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