Marmaduke welcomes new businesses

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Several new businesses are or soon will be doing business in Marmaduke, Mayor Nileane Drope announced at Monday night's Marmaduke City Council meeting.

She said Tans and Trinkets, which is located on Main Street in downtown Marmaduke, already has its tanning bed facilities open to the public. Tans and Trinkets will have its grand opening on March 15.

Mayor Drope also said a new grocery store is coming to Marmaduke. It will be called The Greyhound Grocery and will be located in the building where Danny Garmath formerly had his grocery store.

In addition, Drope said a third business, The Barbecue Express, will soon have its doors open in the old gas station building across from EZ Mart on Highway 49.

Other Business

In other business, the council:

Voted to renew the Air Evac Lifeteam membership for the city.

Accepted a bid of $700 on the 1996 Chevrolet Caprice the city was attempting to sell.

Heard discussion on city employee Jim Defries, who has accepted a job with Lafe Rural Water. He will still continue to work with the Marmaduke water system and related bookwork.

Adopted a loud music ordinance for the city, which went into effect Monday night.

Discussed having Scott Bucy of Rector mow the ballparks and city parks for Marmaduke in the upcoming mowing season. He was told the city may contact him before April 1 if it is decided to use his services.

Voted to purchase a tornado siren for $8,000. If obtained, this siren will have a battery backup in case of power failure. It will also be possible to "key up" the siren, so that it can be set off by radio or cell phone.

Approved having the city trencher and road grader advertised for sale in Town and Country.

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