Walkers and drivers: mind the right-of-way

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Rector Police Chief Tommy Baker wants to remind drivers and pedestrians of the right-of-way rules and offenses that will be ticketed when school begins next month. Last year a child was hit near the school and that is one thing no one wants to see happen again.

Crosswalks are in place at the intersections of West 5th Street and Greenville Avenue, all four ways and halfway up above the gym; West 5th Street and Maple Street; and West 5th Street and Rose Street.

Baker said that drivers need to be aware of the crosswalks and pedestrians having right-of-way as long as they are in the crosswalks. Parents should teach their children about the importance of staying within the confines of a crosswalk when crossing the road. Students should keep that in mind as they travel home from school.

Baker added that parking in certain locations will result in a ticket this year.

Persons who park on West 5th Street, for example on the road near Rector Elementary to wait on their children after school, will be given a ticket for blocking the road for other traffic.

Due to the narrow nature of the road, when parents park there traffic flow is impaired. Parents need to find an alternate place to park off of the road.

Drivers who park on the wrong side of the road on Greenville Avenue by the old band building will also receive tickets.

Baker said drivers were warned about parking against the right-of-way last year and ticketing will begin this fall.

Drivers who park in such a manner should also be aware that if someone hits their vehicle as he is coming down the road they will be held at fault for the accident due to their vehicle being parked against the flow of traffic.

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