Parent addresses school board about body mass index

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Andy Wyss, parent of two elementary school students, asked the Rector School Board Monday night about the recent letter he received from the state about the body mass index of his son. "My son got a letter saying he was in the overweight category of body mass index, but he's not fat. He's a muscular kid, and muscle weighs more than fat, so I don't see how they can tell a kid he's fat just from his height and weight," he said. "Kids are all different, so why don't they measure it the way the military does?" Wyss expressed concern over the fact that students were receiving letters from the state about something he felt was a private family matter. "It's not their place to say if your kid's overweight or not." He added that several other Rector parents shared the same concern.

School board members agreed. "It's not the school, it's the state," said board member Allen Earls. "They passed a law that requires us to send in each student's height and weight. We're against it, but it's the law. If you want something done about it, you need to complain to Travis Boyd. He's your state representative, and he can get something done, but we have no power."

"The superintendent's group I belong to fought that tooth and nail, and we at least got it taken off the regular report card, but it's a state law," said superintendent Rob Louder. "We have to send it in. The state sets up the guidelines and sends out the letters."

"The guidelines are not very realistic," commented board member Gregg Sain.

"Travis Boyd is your local voice," Louder agreed. "Contact him and let him know what you think about it."

In other business the school board:

*noted that the school's total assets are $2,257,333.97.

*learned from Louder that state facilities came to audit the school's number of classrooms and that the architects will come in two weeks.

*approved an in-service policy required by the state stating that teachers must attend 60 hours of training in addition to the 190-day contract.

*accepted the transfer through school choice of a student from Corning.

*approved the proposed budget for 2005-2006.

*increased lunch prices to $.75 for breakfast and $1.25 for lunch for students and $1.75 for adults. Milk will be $.30. Prices were increased due to an increase in the cost of milk and food. Louder said that the prices are well in line with other area schools.

*accepted a bid from Interstate Bakeries Co. to supply the school's bread for the next school year.

*accepted the bid from Carpenter Distributing to supply the school's milk for the coming year. Louder recommended the escalator bid because the cost of milk is predicted to drop in December. Carpenter agreed that although he normally recommends the fixed rate, the escalator bid is probably the best option this year.

*learned from high school principal Lark Sigsby that the high school building is being cleaned. "They are really running ahead of schedule," Louder commented, "The floor machine is really making a difference." Sigsby also commented that books have been ordered and students are working on basketball, fitness and drama.

*learned from elementary principal Johnny Fowler that the senior high girls' basketball players had done well at team camp. The team had a 10 and 4 record and competed in the championship game at the SEMO camp. "That's great, because they are competing with a lot of big schools up there," he commented.

*passed a resolution naming Louder as ex officio.

*passed a resolution naming Shawnda Holcomb as district treasurer.

*passed a resolution naming Louder and Wanda Hamm as co-custodians of activity funds.

*passed a resolution naming Holcomb and Mary Curtis as co-custodians of lunchroom funds.

*passed a resolution allowing the use of a signature stamp for the board president and superintendent for Fiscal Year 2005-2006.

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