Comp time focus of meeting

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Clay County Quorum Court passed a motion that allows Sheriff Ronnie Cole to handle the compensation time for his deputies and jailers for a period of one full budget year.

Because the jail is in operation 24 hours a day, all of the jail's employees will not be able to use their compensation time during the holidays. The motion will allow Sheriff Cole to manage the accrued compensation time for his employees, ensuring that they will have the opportunity to use their time off when the schedule allows it. Under the current setup, all employees would have lost their compensation time earned for the year.

Juvenile Officer Pat Leonard also expressed concerns about the loss of accumulated comp time as the year comes to an end; whether she would just lose her comp time for this year or time accumulated during previous years as well.

The Court said that the ordinance regarding comp time, which states that if an employee does not use comp time accumulated during the current year they will lose it unless an elected official approaches the Court on behalf of his or her employees for a specific reason, went into effect during 2004 and would not affect the time accumulated prior to it's enactment.

Clay County Judge Gary Howell informed the Court that he had received a letter from the Library Board requesting that Virginia Reid be appointed to the Library Board for a second term of five years. Reid's current term will expire on Dec. 31, 2004. Howell said he will make the appointment for the term as requested.

In other business, the Court:

-- Passed Ordinance 2004-17 to amend the 2004 budget.

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