M'duke looks ahead

Friday, January 21, 2005

The city of Marmaduke benefitted from economic growth in 2004, with the opening of small businesses and Dr. William DeMent's medical clinic.

Mayor Nileane Drope and city treasurer and recorder Betty Jackson would like to see that trend continue.

"We hope to get a large supermarket and fast food franchise," Jackson said. "Maybe a Sonic, McDonalds or Burger King. Something that would be open after ballgames let out."

"We're proud of the businesses we've got," Drope said. "We think that there would be enough business for smaller shops to compete with larger businesses."

"I wish all the people in our town would continue to support the local businesses and our doctor," Jackson said. "We spent a lot of hard-earned money getting him here and felt like it was something we needed."

Marmaduke's economic growth may require a population growth.

"We don't have a large supermarket or fast food restaurant because our population is lower than the 1,500-2,000 range that these businesses want," Drope said.

"I have spoken with representatives from these organizations," Jackson said. "They don't want to come to a town this small."

Both Jackson and Drope enjoy working for their beloved little town. They accept and understand their responsiblities to act in the best interests of the citizens of Marmaduke.

"Sometimes you may make a decision you don't like, but you have to make that decision for the public," Jackson said. "We have always tried to have our door open for anyone that comes to city hall. If we don't have the answer to their question, we'll find it."

"This is a good town with good people and it's worth working for," Drope said.

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