County employees receive three percent raise

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

After much discussion, the Clay County Quorum Court decided Monday night to provide all county employees, with the exception of the justices of the peace, with a three percent across-the-board raise.

The court decided this was the best, most fair way to reward those in service to Clay County. By granting a raise based on percentage of income, those employees with seniority will be rewarded for the time they have put in. The decision to provide the extra three percent won out against a proposal for a percentage raise for salaried workers and a 25 cent per hour raise for hourly workers.

The court heard a presentation by Boston Mutual Life representatives. The life insurance company expressed interest in offering their services to all Clay County employees. The court agreed to allow Boston Mutual Life representatives to speak with county workers, so that each individual employee could decide if he or she is interested in obtaining coverage. Boston Mutual will begin contacting county workers and elected officials on March 14.

The council approved Resolution 2005-01. The resolution is in response to HUD requiring certification and resolution for Public Housing Agencies (PHA) under the SEMAP standards within 60 days of the first fiscal year end. The information from the PHA concerns the performance of the facilities' overall operation. HUD uses the information and other data to assess PHA management capabilities and deficiencies.

Justice David Cagle made a motion requiring the Quorum Court's approval of any meeting a justice wants to attend before said justice attempts to be reimbursed for expenses created by attending the meeting. Should any JP attend a meeting without the court's approval, there will be no reimbursal.

The attendance of juvenile officer Pat Leonard is requested for the March Quorum Court meeting in relation to a discussion of the presence of a Consolidated Youth Services (CYS) case worker present in Clay County. CYS wants to move the worker to another county, because she is not receiving much work in Clay County.

CYS is interested in moving the case worker to another county that might make more use of the services offered. The court will discuss the matter further with Leonard's presence before making a decision.

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