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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We got some snow! I am happy! Now wasn't that just beautiful? One beautiful snowy day and it was gone in two days. The roads weren't bad for long, it didn't stay long enough to get dirty and it was good for the crops. It puts nitrogen in the soil, you know. I loved it!

And did you see the picture of the snow dinosaur on the channel 8 news. Right here in Rector, it was!

The weekend before, of course we were honored with a beautiful preview of spring. What a glorious weekend that was! Daffodils were blooming everywhere and the crocuses were beginning to open, too.

Speaking of performances, I hope you attended "And Then They Came for Me" presented Saturday by the Rector High School drama department. It was really a heart wrenching presentation. The videos of Eva Geiringer-Schloss and Helmut (Ed) Silverberg as they narrated their stories put so much emotion behind it and brought the whole thing to life in a stark and powerful manner.

The cast seemed to really meld into their characters who were near their own ages as they showed us the story of the Holocaust and a very different lifestyle. There are some statements we dare not forget. The simple writings of Anne Frank fall into that category. There is definitely some reason for the diary of a young girl to survive against all odds for more than 60 years. The words and emotions of these two people who knew Anne and survived what she did not speak to us all and ask that we remember and not allow this history to keep repeating. Thank you Gail Burns and cast for a wonderful performance.

Rosemarie Polk spent several days in Cape Girardeau recently with her mother. Ella Ruth King died on Feb. 22. She will be missed, but her family and friends are comforted to know she is now at peace. Rest in God's love, Mrs. King.

Keat Cohn was in town this weekend for a late birthday celebration at the home of his grandmother, Jessie Malin. Rob Louder fried up some wonderful catfish and Cathy Louder made the hush puppies, with Jessie's help, of course, and everyone enjoyed the feast. Of course, Keat did not come alone. He was accompanied by his wife Heidi, daughters Mason and Hayden and son Cooper. Also there to help him celebrate were David Cohn, Meagan Louder, Margo Malin, Conner Langille, KK Manchester, Paula Benton, Lane Wozniak, Paul and Cheryl Schwager and me.

Spring training has begun, and Jay Beacham left Sunday for Florida, where he will be training his heart out and looking forward to an awesome season. He played at Williams Baptist College on Feb. 28. Mom, Tracy Horton, was there to see it all with her great-nephew, Lawson Ford. Can you just imagine the cheering that was going on?

Jay even received the game ball. As pitcher he had 6 K's, two walks and earned one run. They won 6-2. Yeah!! Sounds like a great day, a great game and a great time. The next game will be March 18 at CRC, weather permitting. Tracy says anyone wanting to go and cheer Jay and the team on is welcome to ride with her. Just give her a call and let her take you out to the ball park.

Merley Moseley and Eunice Morris have been under the weather and we want to send them our most positive thoughts. We want to see you back to normal soon. Mae Ruth and Ralph Hardin are both recuperating, and we send them our best wishes, too.

Time to close for this week. I suppose I will sit on the porch and see what the weather will be like in the next 15 minutes. Don't forget to stay in touch. You can give me a call or email me. My phone number is 595-3173 or you can drop me a note at 514 West Third Street. My email address is We all want to know what has made you happy or sad. Please share. Bye now!

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