It happened here, years ago

Thursday, January 15, 2009


In the news 40 years ago this week; the staff of The Piggott Times was pictured as they attended the 97th annual Arkansas Press Association meeting in Hot Springs. Also in the news, former Piggott resident Terry Max Meade was severely burned in an accident in Illinois; and Marvin Grissom, 21, of McDougal was sentenced to five years in prison for assaulting his 20 month old son.

Meanwhile, Arkansas motorists were reminded that their birth date now determines when their driver's license expires and needs to be re-newed. In service news, Airman Joe Farmer of Piggott was recently home on leave following a year's tour in South Vietnam; Donnie Lee Ort of St. Francis has shipped-out for Vietnam along with PFC Jackie Bolen of McDougal and Hospitalman Ronald G. Jordan of Piggott.

The annual Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow awards were recently handed-out, and this year's winner at PHS was Martha Jane French while Joyce Elaine Rogers took the honors for Greenway High. And, at the Carolyn Theater this week the features included "With Six You Get Eggroll," "Coogan's Bluff" and "Paper Lion."

More from the recent Piggott Boy Scouts court of honor; earning the first class award were, Wayne Mowery and Paul Hoggard while second class awards went to Bert Watson, Ricky Haywood, David Mowery and Colin Cate.

In sports, the Mohawk basketball team beat Greenway, lost to Knobel, and swept the Naylor A and B squads.


A group of local farmers were set to drive a tractor to Washington D.C. 30 years ago this week, as they were scheduled to take part in an American Agriculture Movement rally Feb. 5. The group expected to travel about 100 miles a day. In other news, Danna Haywood has been named local chair for the Mother's March on Birth Defects.

BRAD has announced that they've received $6,400 in funding from the Community Service Administration to help low-income families with their utility bills this winter. In other news, the local Girl Scouts are now conducting their annual cookie sale and the cost of a box is just $1.25.

Births to announce this week included a son born to Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Crossfield. Reggy Lane Crossfield was born Jan. 9, at Dunklin County Memorial and was welcomed home by brothers Scott and Rodney. And at the Carolyn Theater this week "Animal House" was held over while the late show was "Hay Country Swingers."

In sports, the Lady Mohawks extended their season to 5-8 following action in the past week and will take part in the Clay County Tournmanet next. Meanwhile the junior boys lost to Corning, Greenway, Hornersville and Walnut Ridge. On the other hand, the senior boys beat Corning 70-63 behind Todd Watson's 22 points; then beat Greenway and Twin Rivers before falling to Walnut Ridge. They now stand at 6-6 on the season.


The Clay County Quorum Court again failed to pass the 1984 budget at their first meeting of the new year, at issue is a 15-percent pay increase for elected officials and a 10-percent increase for all others. It was also reported by Rep. Jim Holland that the state was planning to help Clay County pay off the debt incurred with the Chalk Bluff park project.

Also in the news this week, it was reported that the FHA has approved funding for the proposed East Clay Regional Water District. Meanwhile, fire heavily damaged the home of Langdon Hunter on Royal Road the previous Wednesday. Firefighters also responded to fires at the Steve Morrison residence, at the corner of Sixth and Cherry, and at the Mary Shepherd home on South Seventh.

At the Carolyn Theater this week "Sudden Impact" was held over while the late show feature was "Erotic World of Angel Cash." This week's paper also included a photo of the teachers at the Pollard school during the 1940's. The group included--first and second grade teacher Miss Hazel Ivie; third and fourth grade teacher Mrs. Thelma Blankenship; fifth and sixth grade teacher Mrs. Edna Harber and seventh and eighth grade teacher Mr. Floyd Harber.

Also in the news was a profile of new First Baptist Church minister Clyde Spurgin, who was pictured with his ventriloquist dummy "Archie." Spurgin has been a member of the clergy since 1953.

Meanwhile, Main Street Texaco was holding a "Under $40" tire sale with 13-inch tires for $28.95 and 15-inch tires going for $39.95.


The quorum court voted to form a jail board at their meeting 20 years ago this month, and decided to add $10 per fine to help pay for the new facility. In other news, Superintendent Dr. Don Montgomery tendered his resignation at the conclusion of this month's Piggott school board meeting effective at the end of the current school year.

Five members of the PHS band were named to the All-Region band recently, they included--Peggy Ruhl, Tanya Simpson, Heather Sneed, Tabby Reaves and Sandra Tidwell.

Births to announce this week includes a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Wade. Autumn Nicole was born Nov. 11 at Arkansas Methodist Hospital and was welcomed home by brother Stacy Jr. and sister Keisha.

This week's paper also included a feature by Camilla Cox on three early Clay County schools, with photos from the 1920's by Inez Hartsoe. The Drown's school was located halfway between Crockett and Boydsville; the Crockett school was in the heart of that community and the Hitts School was located west of the current Hitts Chapel Church.

Meanwhile, the Piggott Jaycees have joined the organization's nationwide program to urge everyone to "Buy American."

In sports, the junior and senior Lady Mohawks lost to Stanford, Clay County Central, Cave City, Walnut Ridge and Marmaduke in the past week and a half. Meanwhile the Mohawks got their second win of the year as they got by CRA in the Clay County Tournament despite 28 points by the Falcon's standout sophomore Royce McMillon. On the other hand the junior boys lost their first round game to Stanford.