Gifts from the heart

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If you are strapped for money this Valentine's Day, there are frugal, but nice, gifts to give.

The traditional gifts are heart-shaped boxes of candy, red roses, and jewelry.

But if you are looking for something more personal and less expensive, there are other options for sweethearts.

Write a poem that expresses your sentiments. If you feel you can't do that, then find a printed love poem, handcopy it onto fine, perhaps parchment paper, then frame it in a pretty frame and present it to her on Valentine's Day. Tie it with a red ribbon, if you like.

A former beau of mine did just that. With my encouragement, he wrote a poem just for me, hand printed it on plain paper, and presented it to me on Valentine's Day, along with a box of chocolates. I bought a pretty 5x7 mirror frame for it and proudly displayed it on a bookcase shelf. Today that is one of my most memorable gifts because it was from the heart. And I still have it. Actually he was quite proud of his feat since it was his first ever poem, he said.

Another idea is to record a love message on a small recorder. Record it over a few days, adding the dates. Tie a red bow on the recorder and present it to him/her with a single rose.

Buy an inexpensive piece of costume jewelry. Write a special love note and attach it to the jewelry. One of my favorite surprise pieces of jewelry was an inexpensive red ruby pin with matching earrings given to me by my husband and young son who went to a jewelry store and personally selected it for me.

Perhaps your sweetheart would welcome a small decorative box for her dresser. It could hold rings or earrings or other tiny trinkets.

There are heart shaped aromatic candles on the market also.

Another economical choice is a romance paperback novel tied with a red bow.

A handcrafted item could be a knitted neck scarf for your soulmate.

Or a ball cap depicting his favorite team or sport or other interest (fishing, farming, deer hunting, bowling)..

Why not purchase one of those small 4x6 photo albums and fill it with candid photos of you and your Valentine.

Yet, another frugal but thoughtful gift would be a leather bookmark for her bible.

A bit more expensive would be a gift basket of body lotions, oils, and bath crystals.

Or a gift certificate from a shoe store for him or her. Maybe he would like a pair of walking shoes or she would want new heels.

A gift bottle of his or her favorite cologne is a welcome but appropriate gift.

If your special one is dieting or must avoid sugar, surprise her with a heart-shaped sugar-free box of chocolates or cookies.

A unique gift that can be purchased for about $12 is an acre of moon. Yes, you can buy one acre of the moon which comes with a printed deed and property map. The deed can be signed and registered with the Lunar Land Registry Co.

If you can't afford the traditional dozen red roses, perhaps a potted plant and Valentine's Day card would express your love just as well.

If money is no object, maybe your Valentine would like a limited edition red Love-Tub from Dimension One Spas. It is a six-person spa with bells and whistles for a cool $20,000.

Your significant other might like a Rolex watch which can be purchased from $2,000 to $50,000.

How about a whistle and bells cellular phone with a full keyboard (like a typewriter) with a 5-pixel camera and video and a full GPS system that directs you how to get where you're going? The phone allows you to get your email and google on the Internet by voice. It's a computer that makes calls, unlimited.

However, if you find that you cannot afford a Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart, remember that a pretty card with an appropriate verse can be bought for less than a dollar. There are cards for children, parents, wives, husbands, in laws, aunts, uncles and friends. You can pay $5 for a frilly fancy card or 50 cents for a simpler one.

It matters not, if it comes from the heart.

Don't forget that a Valentine exhibit is being featured at the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Education Center in Piggott through Feb. 27. The collection includes more than 60 chromolithograph and hand-made Valentines, dated 1910-1918, from the scrapbook of Willie (Underwood) Wyatt of Piggott.