Thanksgiving blessings

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's time to emphasize the positive.

Tomorrow as families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, we count our blessings.

The number around the table may be fewer, but there are blessings just the same.

Sure, the economy has nosedived, but for most of us there's still food on the table and a warm place to sleep at night.

Most will enjoy a food laden table, despite higher food prices, higher gasoline, and medicines.

We can be thankful for family, for sons and daughters, and for friends..

I'm thankful that I was given an extension on my life sixteen years ago.

That gift gave me added years with my children and other family members.

I'm enjoying life and its blessings.

Of course, there have been disappointments. But the blessings far outweigh the disappointments.

Each Thanksgiving we mention the traditional bounties; good health, family and friends.

But how about indoor plumbing?

Many people in Haiti, India, Indonesia and other countries have no idea what it's like to experience indoor plumbing. In many areas there's no water system at all.

And what about the light switch?

We think nothing of flipping the switch to lighten a dark room.

And there's also air conditioning and central heat.

People who have lived overseas return to America and its abundance.

They marvel at the state of the art electronics and technology..

We sit down at night in front of wide screen televisions to watch sports and world news.

We are surrounded by soft sofas, recliners and taken for granted conveniences.

We are so busy we don't take time to appreciate all that we have.

Just consider these by one.

A needed rain, a good warm coat, a good husband or wife, a good book, a cozy wood stove fire, hot coffee in the morning..

Good teachers, honest people, a promotion, grandkids, happy memories, a lucky penny, a vacation, a fresh bouquet, football..

Holding hands, a best friend, hugs, a family pet, good eyesight, a good running truck, laughter, good kids, porch swings, warm showers..

The smell of fresh baked cookies, sugar free candy, the changing of autumn leaves, sunshine on a wintry day, sisters and brothers..

A favorite song, cold water, a soft pillow, a comfortable mattress, birds singing, a compliment, shoes that fit, jewelry that sparkles..

Milk shakes, roomy closets, cowboy boots, true friends, religious freedom, letters from home, a newborn baby, a paid up mortgage, Sunday mornings, a soldier's return, a sweetheart, money in your wallet, a strong body, a peaceful home, companionship, hope for tomorrow, freedom...

And Thanksgiving Day.