Benchmark testing for adults

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I understand that students have just completed benchmark testing.

So I devised a question and answer quiz of a different kind, for adults only.

Question One: Superglue will not stick to Teflon. True or false?

(I have not personally tested this, but it will stick two adjoining fingers).

How many rooms are there in Buckingham Palace?

There are 600 and I'm glad it isn't my job to clean them.

What is on the tombstone of Benedict Arnold?

A boot.

How long does it take to boil an ostrich egg?

Forty minutes.

How did Huck Finn recommend that one get rid of warts?

Swing a dead cat in a graveyard at midnight.

How many times are dogs mentioned in the Bible?

Fourteen. Hebrews used dogs to guard their flocks.

Which dog breed can have a blue tongue?

The Chow. Black bears also have a blue tongue.

Who wrote, "A good education is the next best thing to a pushy mother?"

Charles Schultz in Peanuts.

How many dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic?

There were two, a Pomeranian and a Pekinese.

How did Al Capone die?

Heart attack.

What explorer introduced pigs to North America?

Christopher Columbus.

What is the best selling musical instrument?


Whom did Olive Oyl date before she met Popeye?

Ham gravy.

In Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting of the Last Supper, a piece of tableware is overturned. What was it?

A saltcellar (shaker or dish).

What was Elvis Presley's favorite aftershave lotion?

Brut aftershave.

How was a man named Fred Ort immortalized by Thomas Edison?

Edison filmed him sneezing in the first copyrighted film.

What is unusual about the names George Foreman chose for his five sons?

They are all named George.

What was the name of Adolph Hitler's dog?


If you are diagnosed with sitomania, what do you have?

An abnormal craving for food. (I can hear a bunch of ladies saying that's what they have).

How many toes does a pig have?


Which is the only bird that can fly backwards?

The hummingbird.

What country has more tractors per capita; Canada, Iceland, or Japan.

Answer: Iceland.

What is the least popular month for weddings in the U. S.?


What famous gangsters died in Gibsland, La.?

Bonnie and Clyde.

What is used to make camel hair brushes?

Squirrel hair.

In the Disney version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the wicked queen falls off a cliff and dies. How does she perish in the original Grimm brothers fairy tale?

She danced in red hot shoes until she died.

Black-eyed peas aren't peas. What are they?

Answer: beans.

These questions and answers cannot be attributed solely to me.

Some were found on the Internet while others were included in TRIVIA Questions & Answers.

I hope you passed the Benchmark.