Fifth out of six -- and a quart low

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One was feeling somewhat out of sorts, weak and weary after ordinary exertion, and somewhat dizzy on getting up from his big chair. Testing led to the discovery that anemia was the culprit -- likely due to blood loss from the bowel.

So, this senior physician was admitted for replacement from the blood bank to take place at the same hospital where he had practiced for 40 years. Homecoming in reverse! It went off on one day last week without incident, and the normal good feelings have begun to return. What a trip! (There I was, born fifth of six sons to my parents 87 years before the only illness that mattered -- "A quart low" -- a fairly undistinguished diagnosis to brag on at this stage of life). Still, I'm grateful, considering what all it might have been.

The Good Book says of mankind that he is "fearfully and wonderfully made." His systems are dependent upon one another to create and maintain a functioning whole. A lifetime of learning how to interpret sins and symptoms is often needed to arrive at what may be wrong. Certainly their application used appropriately will avoid unnecessary and expensive testing. I am so proud of my own doctor to have come to the correct conclusion almost immediately -- and to remember all the steps he had taken getting to know me and my body over the years.

His little joke about one quart low was made in fun, and so did I take it with a hearty appreciation of abolishing the worry that afflicts so many who suffer so needlessly. "Five out of six" was my idea -- what a good family to be a part of at any such standing!