Piggott battered by storm

Thursday, July 28, 2011
A portion of the roof of the Aerial Bouquets building in Piggott was brought down during the Sunday's summer storm. (photo provided)

A summer storm Sunday, July 24, may have faded quickly, but left behind many reminders of its presence.

In Piggott, the seasonal storm dropped three inches of rain during a period of one hour and included wind gusts believed to reach as much as 60 mph. The storm resulted in a loss of power for many residences and businesses, with much of the town going without electricity for more than two hours.

The most telling sign of the brief storm's presence is the damage done to Aerial Bouquets, one of Piggott's biggest employers. A large portion of the building's roof collapsed under the stress of the intense rainfall and winds.

The damage has resulted in the facility shutting down. Currently, information regarding plans for the site is limited. However, the company is continuing to take and fill balloon and floral accessory orders through a sister office.

Aerial Bouquets was established by the Sutfin family of Piggott. The business has long been known for its dedication to the community, supporting a number of local events and organizations.

Throughout Piggott and the surrounding rural areas, there have been numerous reports of fallen limbs as a result of the winds.

Fortunately, no significant injuries were attributed to the storm.

"With a storm like this, we're lucky there were no serious injuries," Piggott Mayor Gerald Morris said. "It didn't last long, but there were moments of intensity that could have been dangerous."

The storm made less of an impact in neighboring communities.

Rainfall was significantly less in Rector, with most parts of town reporting less than an inch of rain. No significant damage was reported in Rector as a result of the storm.

In and around Greenway, reports varied from one to two inches of rainfall. Winds resulted in little more than fallen and hanging tree branches in the Greenway area.

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