Woman, an enigma

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Women have been getting men in trouble for a long time.

It dates back to the first woman, Eve, who persuaded Adam to disobey God.

Recently our preacher spoke about the Creation and God's plan for man.

Seems God thought Adam, the first man, needed a suitable helpmate; a maid.

Now I know that God knew what he was doing. He's always in control.

But one word in the scriptures caught my eye as the story of the Creation was being extolled.

Adam was thrilled with the maiden God had made from Adam's rib.

She was a vision of beauty.

Adam had named all the plants and trees and the animals in the Garden, so now he had to decide what he would call his mate.

He decided to call her woman.

It occurred to me that it should have been spelled woe-man.

Because that's when the trouble started.

God was generous. But he had one rule.

He told Adam he could eat any fruit in the Garden, but he was forbidden to eat fruit from the tree of Conscience.

Adam's first mistake was in telling Eve about the tree and the forbidden fruit.

A crafty serpent then came to Eve and hissed," That's a lie. You will not surely die if you eat the fruit."

The serpent convinced Eve, then she convinced Adam. And so they ate the fruit.

Up until then, Adam was totally smitten with Eve (the life giving one). She was perfection. They frolicked in the garden. She fixed supper while he tended the garden. It was the honeymoon period when love was blind.

But the blinders came off after they ate the fruit.

When God asked Eve why she had done such a thing, she passed the buck.

"The serpent made me do it; he tricked me."

Then Adam blamed Eve.

"It was the woman you gave me that brought me some fruit, and I ate it," Adam said.

Sounds like Adam was blaming God for giving him a helpmate.

God, of course, meted out severe punishment.

It seems that from that day to this, woman had been a thorn; a mixed blessing.

Yet, men are attracted like moths to a flame.

Woman is a puzzlement.

She shrieks at a mouse and cries when she's sad and when she's happy. She cries at a funeral, a wedding, or the birth of a baby.

She's sensitive, yet hard as nails. Unexpectedly, she stomps her foot, mad as a wet hen. "Who do you think I am.....your maid!"

She will fight like a tiger to protect her brood. She is soft, sweet, an enigma.

Now I have a theory about this woman (woe-man) God created. If she had been vanilla, bland, man would have a very dull existence. Maybe God knew he would create a living being who would keep a man guessing, keep him on his toes.

If that was the plan, it's working.