Spring is busting

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring seemed to spring on us all at once. Lately we've had beautiful warm 80-degree weather, sunshine.

Yards are green, growing and lawn mowers are pressed into action. Teachers are getting their students ready for Benchmark testing.

Other students are thinking about the upcoming senior proms and graduation.

So much is going on. Of course, we just celebrated April Fools' Day last Sunday. It isn't a national holiday but people observe it anyway by playing jokes and pranks on each other.

April 1 is also called All Fools' Day.

In France and Italy, children and sometimes adults, traditionally tack paper fish on each other's back as a trick and shout "April fish" in their local language.

Easter is on the horizon and Christians everywhere will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Some church goers will be wearing new frocks and white shoes, maybe. Easter bonnets seem to have lost favor along with Easter parades. Little children still enjoy Easter egg hunts, the Easter bunny and Easter baskets.

Do children still dye eggs at home by placing dye tablets in cups of hot water, then placing individual boiled eggs in the cups? My two children and I always dyed eggs on Easter. We used the dyed eggs in Easter egg hunts in the backyard, then later actually ate some of the eggs. Tomorrow, April 5, is also National Gold Star Wives Day.

Maybe you've never heard of the organization. Its 10,000 members are wives of military men who were killed in action in various wars, including Vietnam, or else the military warrior died from a military service connected cause.

The organization has a website whereby members can contact each other just to chat or else to find out some needed information concerning the Veterans Administration or other veterans service organizations. The wives often storm Capitol Hill as they request compensation or educational benefits or medical care for the welfare of survivors.

The organization was organized in 1945 by the war widows of World War II. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt signed the original Gold Star Wives incorporation papers. But it was only recently, in 2010, that Gold Star Wives were honored with their own special day.

Their motto is "United we stand---divided we fall---and are forgotten."

I often read comments made by many of the wives who lost their husbands in Vietnam, or more recently in Afghanistan or Iraq. It is sad to read their stories and of the struggles they've had when left with small children to raise and households to maintain alone.

They join Gold Star Wives so they can be informed about benefits they may be entitled to. Also, they get comfort, support and friendship from communicating with other wives who are in similar situations.

With Spring busting out all over, if you have nothing better to do, try a bit of Spring cleaning or deep cleaning, as some say.

Clean out those overflowing closets, the basement, the attic or the garage.

That should keep you busy for the rest of April.

Happy Easter, everyone.

Enjoy your weekend.