RHS drama troupe presents "The Magic Flute Reloaded"

Thursday, April 5, 2012
The ladies in waiting (Kostalynn Huggins, Matison Dean and Jaydin Bullinger) attend to a devastated Princess Melody (Lindsey Ford) after she is locked in the castle away from her beloved Merton.

A large group of Rector high school and elementary students took part last week in a presentation by drama troupe 4089 of "The Magic Flute Reloaded," inspired by Mozart's The Magic Flute.

In shows for both the students and the community, the cast showed amazing talent. The story began in a school setting and entered the imaginary land of Droon before ending back at school.

Cast members included:

Sydney Simmons as Merton Mercudio; Lindsey Ford as Weird Melody/Princess Melody; Dalton Murray as Sammy Steed/Vice Lord Vamp; Sarah Robinson as Eva/Moodio; Avery Bucy as Deva/Beautio; Paisha Farmer as Zeva/Snootio; Haven Cagle as Senora Basil/Lady Notsofast; Riley Boyd as Principal Clearcut/King Meltdown; Sarah Willis as Mrs. Valentino/Klymatra Slim; Seth Morris as Grumbo; Jaydin Bullinger, Matison Dean and Kostalynn Huggins as Vamp's Guards/Ladies in Waiting; Brianna Glasco as Klymatra Sloan; Ben Petty as Voice of Droon; Ashlyn Mills and Sydney Wofford as Subjects; Brandy Laxton as Grumble, and Ellie Ford, Hannah Frost, Karah Hayes, Kaley Isom, Michaela Rients, Morgan Garner, Trey Horton, Bethany McNeley and Olivia Sutherland as the Droon Chorus.

The crew included:

Amber Bucy and Heather Frost, stage directors; Amber Bucy, Haven Cagle and Sydney Simmons, choreographers; Amber Bucy and Heather Frost, costume design; Sam Shavalia, stage manager; Hadleigh Watson, light board; Austin Clairday and Seth McAfee, sound; Read Phillips and Sam Shavalia, spotlight; Hannah Huggins and Amber Beck, costume/stage props; Stetson Brandon, Parker Bucy, Bailey Hoots and Jerrica Stokes, crew; Carolyn Caldwell, Julie Farmer, Rhonda Haney, Judith Tolleson, set design; Avery Bucy, Lydia Bucy, Paisha Farmer and Hannah Huggins, painting, and Lindsey Ford and Sydney Simmons, "Crazy" musical arrangement.

The group expresses special thanks to: Judith Tolleson, Wanda Hamm, Peggy Grimes, Carolyn Caldwell, Julie Farmer, Rhonda Haney, Brandy Castleberry, Christy Ford, Gail Ford, Judy Hargrave, Heidi Henderson, Karen Cagle, Amy Garner, Mark Watson, Jodie Watson, Leah Ford and all of the parents and grandparents who provided snacks and drinks for the crew.

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