Tennis camp teaches young Mohawks

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Campers that attended the Piggott Mohawk tennis clinic last week included, from left: Front--Alyssa Blair, Emily Conley, Tyson Peters, Sierra Minton, Gage Parks, Ava Baggett and Aden Baggett. Back--Brandon Palmer, Shawn-Hudson Seegraves, Pearson Hearn, Wyatt Crabtree, Chloe Matthews, Brooke Roberts, Trey Cavaness, Katelynn Robertson and Macey Williams.

A total of 17 campers took part in the annual Piggott Mohawk tennis clinic June 13, 14 and 15 at the municipal courts. This marks the fourth year that PHS tennis coach Paul Seegraves has hosted the camp, which seeks to teach basic tennis skills to young athletes entering the first through fourth grades.

The campers were separated into two age divisions--a first and second grade division and a third and fourth grade, allowing the boys and girls to compete against athletes their own age. On the final day a tournament was held, and awards were handed out to those taking part.

Winners of the homerun derby were Macey Williams and Trey Cavaness. Macey Williams also won the accuracy championship for the girl's division, with Shawn-Hudson Seegraves taking home top honors in the boy's division.

Awards in the first and second grade division for the girls included--best volley honors went to Ava Baggett and Emily Conley, best forehand was Alyssa Blair, best backhand was Chloe Matthews, best servers were Alyssa Blair and Chloe Matthews and the overall skills award went to Alyssa Blair. In the boys division all the individual awards, and the overall skills award, went to Shawn-Hudson Seegraves.

In the first and second grade tournament, which included both boys and girls, the champion was Shawn-Hudson Seegraves. Second place went to Aden Baggett, third place to Chloe Matthews, fourth place to Alyssa Blair and the consolation winner was Sierra Minton. This mark's Shawn-Hudson's fourth division championship in the four years that the clinic has been held.

Top awards in the third and fourth grade division included--best volley went to Brooke Roberts for the girls and Brandon Palmer and Gage Parks for the boys. Macey Williams took home best forehand honors for the girls, while Brandon Palmer was tops in the boys division. Brooke Roberts also had the best backhand for the girls, while Pearson Hearn and Brandon Palmer were tops for the boys. Best serving for the girls division went to Katelynn Robertson and Macey Williams, with Pearson Hearn recognized in the boys division. And the overall skills award was shared by Brooke Roberts and Macey Williams in the girls division, and went to Brandon Palmer in the boys.

Top finishers in the third and fourth grade tournament included champion Brandon Palmer, runner-up Wyatt Crabtree, third place Brooke Roberts, fourth place Macey Williams and consolation winner Tyson Peters.

Coach Seegraves offered his thanks to Heather Seegraves, Emilee Seegraves, Haley French and Beau Wicker for their help with the clinic.

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