Vaughn holds art show at PSB

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Jared Vaughn and Inga Eubanks share a moment during Friday's art show at Piggott State Bank.

The works of Jared Vaughn were featured at an art show Friday, June 15 in the lobby of Piggott State Bank. Vaughn, a 2004 graduate of Piggott High School, recently completed several pieces for the bank, and brought a number of special works to the show. "Paula Blackwell has kept me very busy over the past four or five months getting ready for this show," he explained. "The inspiration for many of the pieces was the history of the town, plus Razorback items are always a big hit around here--and I included a Mohawk piece."

Another favorite of those attending the show was a painting of the former Piggott School, which sat atop schoolhouse hill and was replaced by the old elementary school in the late 1950's.

Following graduation from PHS, Vaughn was accepted to the Memphis College of Art. "I was there four and a half years and got a degree in graphic design," he noted. "But I was too antsy to sit behind a desk--I'm too hands on--so I picked up painting. And, though it's been slow going it's starting to pick up to the point that I can now do it as a full time occupation."

Vaughn's hard work was also rewarded last year, when one of his prints was selected to be featured in a line of home furnishings. "Metro had a contest last year about this time, and my entry was chosen from around 2,500, so it was quite an accomplishment," he said. "In fact, I just entered several more of my works in this year's competition."

When it comes to inspiration Jared doesn't feel influenced by any particular artist, or style. "Not one in particular, I just love to look around at work..even amateur work," he noted. "I just look for things that spark in may not even be that professional, just something I feel that I can twist and turn--there are a lot of things that inspire me."

But, when it comes to how he came to this point in his life Jared is quick to give credit for the inspiration where it is due. "Before art the big thing in my life was basketball," he said. "But my big inspiration was my art teacher here at Piggott High School, Jerri Tate. She is the one that sent my portfolio in to Memphis, and that's how I got accepted."

Vaughn added that Tate's submission of his portfolio led to him receiving a half-scholarship for his first semester. "And ever since then I've loved it more and more every year, and now it has grown into a living," he added.

Looking back now, Tate noted that she did have some reservations--but those have faded. "I was a little concerned when his college loans started coming due, but I am so proud of him. He is doing so well now, I knew he could do it."

Tate reminisced that Vaughn's talent was evident at an early age. "He was born with it, you just see talent like that and you know that they're going to be big someday. He would be in other classrooms doing designs on chalkboards, and the students would call me and say--come here and look at this, and I'd say--I know, that's Jared Vaughn's."

Jared's former art teacher also noted that his style is hard to define. "It's all his own, with shades of abstract and cubism..much like Picasso..but it is his own, and he has developed it into his own, and that's why it is unique."

Additional samples of Vaughn's work may be viewed on his website at He can also be reached by email at

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