Grant allows RFD to add Mule

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Rector Fire Department members Nathan Mills, Terry Burdin and Steve Sigsby proudly display the department's new Mule along with Sen. Robert Thompson. Sen. Thompson helped the department secure grant funds for the new equipment.

The Rector Fire Department has added a helpful tool in their ongoing effort to protect area residents and their belongings. Through the addition of a new Mule 4010 all-terrain vehicle, the RFD will be able to increase its range and maneuverability when working in off-road conditions.

"This will be very useful when working fires in fields or wooded areas where the trucks just won't go," Capt. Steve Sigsby of the RFD said. "It's a useful tool which will help the Rector Fire Department do its job."

The Mule is small but powerful, featuring four-wheel drive in addition to housing a 50-gallon tank and 100-foot hose in the rear. The ATV can safely carry three firemen and features additional space on its front rack to transport an injured person on a stretcher to safety. It also features a light bar atop its cab, completing the firefighting aesthetic.

The Mule can be transported to different areas atop its trailer. The beautiful trailer was donated to the department by the friends and family of Cody Moore, the son of Nita and fire chief Huston Bowden of Rector who tragically passed away in March.

The Mule is valued at approximately $13,000 with its load of firefighting equipment included. The RFD received a grant from the Department of Rural Services which covered the cost of everything but the trailer.

Senator Robert Thompson visited the Rector Fire Department Thursday for the Mule's unveiling. Sen. Thompson and Rep. Mike Patterson have established track records of working with Rector and other area departments through the years, including the effort to receive this most recent grant.

"I'm glad the state of Arkansas and the Department of Rural Services was agreeable to making an investment in the Rector Fire Department," Sen. Thompson said.

"We greatly appreciate the efforts of Sen. Thompson and Rep. Patterson in securing these funds," Sigsby said. "They've both been friends of the Rector Fire Department and our community as a whole."

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