Fire Heavily Damages Restrooms at Heritage Park

Thursday, November 8, 2012
Damage to the restrooms at Heritage Park from Sunday morning's fire left the facilities heavily damaged.

Fire of unknown origin heavily damaged the restrooms at Heritage Park early Sunday morning. According to Assistant Fire Chief Brian Haley, the blaze apparently broke out sometime after midnight, but wasn't discovered until the following day. He indicated that all appeared well when the Piggott P.D. checked the park around midnight, and no one reported the fire when it occurred. Authorities were first alerted to the fact that the blaze had occurred around noon Sunday, when a resident reported to police that water was still gushing from the damaged structure.

"We could not find a point of origin or evidence that indicated what caused the blaze," he noted. "As the roof burned and fell-in the fire was apparently extinguished by the water coming from melted plumbing--it likely burned in a short period of time."

The park was closed until an insurance adjuster could visit the scene, and the debris cleaned-up. Mayor Gerald Morris noted that the safety of park patrons was the main concern. The park re-opened to the public Friday morning.

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