A Message to God

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Are you listening, God?

I've been talking to you for several days now.

I need you to listen.

I'm stressed and I need your help.

I need you to hold my hand.

I'm not like your servant Job.

I don't have his patience.

I'm a worrier and I know you don't like that.

How can I not worry, God, when problems loom all around.

How can I find peace of mind when my life is in turmoil.

Are you there, God?

The money isn't stretching far enough.

Did you know it's getting tough out here?"

Well, of course, you know. You know everything.

That's why I'm calling on you.

I need you today

My children need you too.

Will you comfort them, God, and

Let them know everything will be okay?

I don't mind telling you, God, that life down here gets pretty tough sometimes.

It's not like being in Heaven.

There aren't any streets of gold.

There are a few angels.

I met one of them once when I really needed a shoulder to cry on.

I wouldn't mind running into one of them today.

Sometimes, God, I get so weary.

Everything seems so dark.

Then you send a ray of light and I feel better.

Are you listening, God

I really need to talk to you today.

I'm having a bad time.

I had another birthday, and I feel old.

I know you care.

You said you wouldn't forsake me.

You said you wouldn't leave me.

Where are you?

You might as well answer me, God.

I'm not going away.

Hey, my phone is ringing.

Is that you, God?

Thank you, God.

I feel better already.

I knew you'd answer.

You always do.