Power outage caused by squirrel

Friday, November 16, 2012
The substation in south Rector needed repairs Thursday after a visit from a squirrel damaged the transformer, resulting in a four hour power outage

Rector residents and a selection of surrounding homes were without power for over four hours Thursday night, following an odd, yet not entirely unfamiliar, occurrence at the substation located along Highway 49 on the south end of town.

For the second time this year, power outages occurred due to the presence of squirrels at the substation. The presence of the small animal resulted in damage to the transformer, resulting in power outages until approximately 7 p.m.

Entergy crews responded to the reported outage, working to make repairs in preparation for the chilly fall nighttime conditions.

Outages caused by animals are nothing new. Substations throughout the state and country are subject to invasions from birds, squirrels, snakes and other animals seeking a warm environment. When these animals get too close to the operating transformers, the results are often catastrophic for the equipment and the unwelcome visitor.

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