Piggott McDonalds Project Back on Track

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Workers were busy Monday at the site where the new McDonalds Restaurant/convenience store is to be constructed on the east edge of Piggott

Good news for lovers of Big Macs, Egg McMuffins and Happy Meals as the project to bring the world's most iconic fast food chain to Piggott is once again underway and site preparation is near complete. The plans, which had been put on hold in August, calls for the construction of a Circle K convenience store, with an attached McDonald's Restaurant, on the lot between Country Mart and Aerial Bouquets on East Main Street.

This summer Magness Oil Company, of Gassville, Ark., secured a building permit for the new businesses. The application filed with the city called for a structure that is 6,412 square feet, consisting of the convenience store and a 3,500 square foot McDonald's. The estimated cost of the project, according to the building permit, was approximately $850,000.

The company then contracted site preparation, only to learn that a high pressure gas main spanned the lot in a location that interfered with their plans. This prompted company officials to put the local plans on hold. "We had already arranged for the initial dirt work, so we went ahead and had that done, but if we can't work out the problems with the gas line I'm not sure we can proceed," Jeff Magness, of Magness Oil, said at the time.

Last week crews returned to the site with an updated set of plans, and began to complete the dirt work and prepare the building site.

"We negotiated an agreement with the gas company, and by agreeing to the way they wanted the easement we were able to get the job done for a lot less, they were very accommodating," Magness noted Tuesday morning."We also moved the building back about seven feet from the original plan--but otherwise everything else remained the same from the original project."

Magness explained that the civil engineering was near complete when the project was put on hold, and that has resumed with the subtle changes. He also noted that the company is now in the process of securing all the necessary permits and hiring subcontractors.

"We're working now to line up our local subcontractors for cooling and heating, plumbing, electrical and such--we've also hired a job superintendent that is from the area," he added.

Magness noted that it was difficult to estimate how long the construction phase will take, especially with winter just weeks away. He did add that the company hoped to have the job completed by late spring, with a possible opening date of around May 1, 2013.

"We're still getting information back from our subcontractors, and working on the permits with the Highway Department and such, that and the weather makes it very difficult to project a date," he surmised.

Magness Oil Company was founded by J.W. Magness in 1960 in Cotter, Ark. The company leases or operates over 40 convenience stores, has a fleet of nearly two dozen fuel delivery trucks and owns a number of other businesses, including the Holiday Inn Express at Paragould.

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