New Year's Reflections

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm thinking of a little third grader.

When asked what she wanted for Christmas, she said she wanted snow.

She just wanted snow.

No amount of coaxing could get her to name anything else.

"I just want snow for Christmas," she would repeat.

Well, she must be happy now.

As I write this the day after Christmas, Clay County is blanketed with several inches of snow dumped during an unusual stormy blizzard

It's quiet, like the lull after a storm.

The streets are quiet; the stores are void of patrons, except for a few venturesome shoppers returning Christmas gifts.

Or hitting the after Christmas sales.

Gas stations are eerily void of traffic.

Trash containers line the sidewalks with crushed gift paper or tossed away boxes.

Many outside Christmas lights have been removed and houses are dark at night.

People heave a collective sigh.They are weary of the frantic pace of the holidays.

Now normalcy will return. It's as though all the air has escaped from an inflated balloon.

The hectic last minute race of Christmas is over for one more year.

Teachers are enjoying their Christmas break from school.

The tragedy at Sandy Hook has caused pause for all schools in the nation, and security will be beefed up in many of them in 2013..

It must never happen again to our beloved students or their hero teachers..

Hearts are broken in Connecticut, and all over America.

In New Jersey and New York, many people remain homeless following Hurricane Sandy's deadly onslaught in late October .

People who have visited those damaged areas say the damage is worse than they could have imagined.

And, so, we begin the New Year with sadness, heavy hearts, but ever hopeful.

We pray for a better tomorrow, a brighter future in the new year.

We listened to the wrangling over the fiscal cliff debachle before the presidential election and after. Each political party blames the other for the poor economy. How do we get out of this economic recession? Will it be years before we see the light of day?

People are resolving to do better, to change the old ways for something better.

It's resolution time again. We wipe the slate of old ways, turn over a new leaf.

We promise to lose weight or to get involved in an exercise program.

We promise to be better husbands or wives or mothers or fathers.

We resolve to be kinder, more giving.

Perhaps some will volunteer more in the community.

Some may decide to budget their finances this year to avoid a personal fiscal "cliff".

Some resolve to quit smoking or drinking.

Others resolve to learn more, perhaps a new craft or sport..

And to laugh more.

And to love more.

We can always better ourselves, improve.

And, so, we make vows, promises and resolutions to begin the new year.

Happy New Year..

I hope you enjoyed the snow.