Cavaness Celebrates 100th Birthday

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Mrs. Esta Lee Cavanass

Family and friends gathered recently to celebrate Esta Lee Cavaness' 100th birthday. A special party was held for the birthday girl Jan. 6 at Rector Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Mrs. Cavaness said she had "a big time" at the party, at which she was the center of attention. Flowers, gifts, cake and song celebrated Mrs. Cavaness' century of life.

"I got to visit with everybody and we all had a good time," Cavaness said.

The event also included some jazz music, Cavaness' favorite, as well as some light dancing.

"I can't do much of it at my age, but I still like to dance," Cavaness said with a chuckle.

Cavaness grew up in this area, spending her formative years like so many of her generation, working on the farm with her family. The Cavanesses worked heavily with cotton, with her father working for area gins much of her life. Cavaness remembers the long, hot days out in the field picking cotton by hand.

"I don't miss picking cotton, I'll tell you that much," Cavaness said. "We had good times, but it was a lot of work. That's how we made our living."

At 100, Cavaness has seen many changes come to the area.

"Oh my, yes things are much different now. I think most of it's for the better. As long as people are happy and able to have their lives. That's the important thing."

Cavaness remains active, especially for someone with a century of life behind them. She enjoys visits from family and friends in addition to taking part in church services at the Rector facility. She has been able to attend special community events, such as this past summer's Helping Hands Foundation concert in Rector. Cavaness also enjoys a quiet pastime of reading. She loves all kind of books, with the westerns of Zane Grey being her favorites.

"I read a lot," Cavaness said. "I have many books, but those westerns are what I like best."

Cavaness says the staff at Rector Nursing and Rehabilitation have always made her feel welcome. She has formed many friendships with the staff and her fellow residents.

"They have been good to me here. I can't complain about anything. (There are) some really good people here who look after me."

Mrs. Cavaness wishes to thank everyone who attended her special birthday party and everyone who sent cards and gifts.

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