Help, I'm Smothering

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm smothering in housework.

Not that I do it, but it's there, stalking, unattended in every room.

I hate to tell you, but I just today stored my Christmas stuff. Oh, I had it boxed but I hadn't taken it to the root cellar where it languishes all year. (Yes, my old house has a root cellar).

I kept telling myself I'd take it downstairs, but I didn't, not until this morning.

What do you do with outerwear, like a jacket, or a coat, a sweater or scarves? I have all those items hanging on the backs of dining room chairs and counter stools. There's really no room to hang them in my closets. My closets are sinfully jammed like sardines in a can.

Shoes spill out of my bedroom closet because there's no more room to stack them.

I make lists: change filter in furnace, get oil changed in car, pay the bills, clean out purse (because the Walmart receipts and Hardees coupons have taken over, both current and expired).

There are other items on the list that I plan to do, such as buy Cascade or feed the birds. Poor birds hang around the feeder, waiting. By now they know I procrastinate but will eventually show up with seed. A pair of redbirds showed up this morning, leaving me with guilt pangs.

Sometimes my list gets coffee stained or gets lost in the shuffle, so I write another one, intentions good.

This light in my curio cabinet went out. I've hunted, unsuccesfully, for the address where I can order a new bulb.The address is here somewhere hiding among mounds of paperwork. I do need a paper shredder or the inititative to sort through the assortment of papers, some in boxes, some in drawers. Now how many years am I required to file old tax returns?

I have resolved to order no more magazines this year. At least that will stop the flow of some of the mail clutter. I have enough reading material to last all year, including books.

My medicine bottles are multiplying at an alarming rate. They overflow a large basket where I store them. There's no way they would all fit in a bathroom medicine cabinet. Why do doctors keep adding medicines? Don't they know we don't have time or memory for taking multiple pills, morning and evening.

We have all these prescriptions medicines, plus pain killers, vitamins, eye drops, nose sprays, inhalers,and Fibercon..

It is easy to procrastinate, isn't it?

I can understand the working man or woman being too busy to get chores done at home after work..

But it isn't easy to excuse the stay at home mom or dad. They have those extra hours to get things in order.

Like me. What little work I do, I do from home, which leaves me many leisurely hours to clean house, buy groceries, do the laundry, dust and mop. I don't have to do all those things after five o'clock or after I punch a work clock. There's no denying there's lots to do in running a household.

Yet, I lag, postpone, drag my feet by watching too much television, reading, or getting on the computer, researching or reading or sending daily emails.

That's much more entertaining than doing chores.

I guess it's a choice. We can dig in and get unfinished tasks accomplished.

Or we can smother.

Hope this finds you breathing freely.