The Man Gene

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Did you ever hear of the man gene?

Supposedly it's the gene that causes man to act as he does.

It's unlike the woman gene

Of course there are anatomical differences.

A man has broader shoulders and is usually taller than a woman A man's skull is almost always thicker and stronger than a woman's. In other words, he's thick headed.

In general men and women consider and process information differently.

I won't get into chromosomes and how certain chromosomes determine the sex of the unborn. Suffice that a man's gene gives man certain attributes, such as how to pump gas..

Or do math in his head. He's good at ciphering.

Or allows him somehow to know instinctively how to operate machinery and gadgets. He likes high speed activities and is more reckless.

He can do plumbing, change tires, lift heavy objects. put things together. And a man's joints are well suited for throwing objects.

He likes blenders and juicers while she likes tea and yogurt.

It is said that a man has the gene for leadership.

He is suppose to head the house, not as a dictator with an iron fist, but with love,

True masculinity isn't measured by a man's strength.

The man gene gives him the ability to say no emphatically, while the woman conjoles, urges, and pleads when the children misbehave.

"Just wait 'til your father gets home" is enough to put fear in a child.

True, the man can abdicate, turning his back on his duties and man gene.

He can come home from work and sit in front of the television set while his wife controls the household and the kids. He can use his free time for the "me" thing.

But he has the gene nonetheless. He's born with it.

His man gene causes him to be on time, while the woman is usually late.

He has about five objects on his personal bathroom space while a woman has 50, all necessary, she says.

Sometimes her space runs over with bottles, jars, creams, makeup, cologne, make up brushes, etcetera.

He has two or three pair of shoes while she has dozens stacked in closets and under the bed in all colors to match her outfits.

All those shoes are necessary, she says, while he shakes his head in puzzlement.

Women talk a lot and it's genetic, says new research. Women utter more words per day than men---about 20,000 to men's 7,000, according to one study. Why is that?

It isn't conclusive but high levels of a protein produced by a gene is partially responsible for a woman's ability to vocalize.

It's the protein that makes her do it.

But we are digressing from the man gene.

Men don't cry, or they don't like to.

I'm not sure that's caused by the man gene or upbringing.

A little boy falls down and skins his knee and begins to cry. He's told to "stop crying and act like a man."

His little sister falls down, skins her knee, and no one tells her to stop crying and act like a woman.

A man seems to think that (his) crying is a sign of weakness.

I don't think it is.

When my daughter got married, her dad was seen casually dabbing at his eyes.

He muttered something about allergies being bad.

But he didn't fool me. I knew he didn't have allergies.

Now why did he feel it necessary to hide his tears and his feelings.

Is that a man thing or a man gene?

A woman will cry at anything, even when she's happy.

Men and women might as well stop trying to change each other.

It "ain't gonna happen."

They don't live on the same planet.

One is from Venus, the other Mars.