PES Health, Safety and Science Expo Held

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Over 75 students and parents visited the Arkansas Children's Smokehouse, brought to the PES expo and manned by the Piggott Fire Department. The unit safely simulated smoky conditions that would be found in a burning home, and offered those in attendance a chance to experience it firsthand.

Thursday, March 7 Piggott Elementary School hosted the annual Health, Safety, and Science Expo in the elementary gym.

Exhibitors taking part in the annual expo included Piggott Community Hospital, Piggott Police Department, Clay County Sheriff's Department, Clay County Health Unit, Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Museum, Kenneth Renshaw and the Solar System, Arkansas Game and Fish Aquarium, Arkansas Children Smoke House, Piggott Fire Department. Pollard Fire Department, Piggott Progressive Eye Center, PACE student's store and Clay County Extension Service with Germ City and the 4-H Clubs.

Expo planners, Mona Scott, Parent Center Coordinator, and Veleda Langley, sixth grade Science and Social Studies teacher along with district officials offered their thanks for the time and effort the community put forth in making the event a success.

"We also thank Piggott Community Hospital for donating a door prize and providing complimentary blood sugar tests, cholesterol checks and blood pressure checks," Scott noted. "And thanks to the Piggott Fire Department Captains, Jeff Benbrook, and Brian Haley for making the trip to Newport to pick up and return the Arkansas Children's Smokehouse and for giving the demonstrations on what to do in the event of a house fire."

Scott added that 77 students and parents went through the smokehouse and experience the demonstration. She also offered thanks to Walmart for providing door prizes.

Door prize winners included Brad Dunlap, winner of the fire extinguisher; Amber Book won the blood pressure cuff; Lula Pogue won the golf balls and Penny Toombs won the exercise ball and video.

Organizers noted that about 200 students and parents attended the annual expo.

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