Easter Celebrated Across Region

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Dressed to the nines, the young students of Rector Preschool await the start of the Elegant Easter Event

Good crowds turned out for the Easter weekend celebrations held Saturday, March 30. Several hundred were on hand at the Emmanuel Baptist Church event on their grounds in Piggott, and a similarly impressive crowd of well over 300 were on hand at the Rector First Baptist Church event at the Jeremy McDaniel Memorial Sports Complex.

Another annual favorite was the Rector Preschool Elegant Easter Event, held Thursday, March, 28 beginning with the popular formal breakfast. Students in the pre-kindergarten class donned their fancy duds for a special breakfast served by parent volunteers and the preschool staff.

Tony young men in shirts and ties escorted lovely young ladies to their seats in preparation for the meal, which included popular kid treats such as mini donuts and chocolate milk. Each couple and trio was announced upon entrance by preschool director and class teacher Brittany Hemphill. The young gentlemen would escort the ladies to their seats, and with some reminding needed in a few cases, pull the chair out for her to sit.

Just one of the age groups at the Emmanuel Baptist Church's Easter celebration egg hunt in Piggott.

The event has blossomed into a special occasion parents look forward to each year. While older students have special events throughout the year, the Elegant Easter Event has become a hallmark occasion for the youngest group of Rector students.

"It's a lot of fun for everyone," Hemphill said. "The students get to dress up and have a big breakfast. It's something a lot of parents and grandparents look forward to each year."

The formal breakfast is part of a day full of events. After dining, the students entertain their guests by singing and going over lessons they've learned in class.

A group of happy winners at the Rector First Baptist Church's Easter egg hunt Saturday.

"They enjoy the chance to show off a little in front of their parents and grandparents," Hemphill said.

The students end the event by changing into their less formal attire and taking part in an Easter egg hunt.

These year's students who participated in the Elegant Easter Event were Charlie Bearden, Jackson Burns, Cameron Coffell, Kiersten Dunson, Hadlee Gregory, Colton Haywood, Lane Hemphill, Anna Isom, Briana Johnson, Cannon McNamee, Landon Palmer, Madison Sowers and Rylee Wilburn.

Several parents volunteered to help during the event, bringing and serving the delicious breakfast.

"I want to thank all the parents who volunteered to help," Hemphill said. "We have a group of parents who are always good to help with anything, and we really appreciate that. It not only made things go well, but the students also enjoyed seeing them there."

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