A Great Lady With a Big Heart Honored

Thursday, May 9, 2013
Demetra Shultz

Webster's Dictionary defines the word extraordinary as unusually great. I could not think of a better adjective to describe Ms. Demetra Shultz. She is a great lady with a big heart and the community of Rector has been particularly blessed to have her as a resident and contributor to not only the arts in our community, but as a good Samaritan and kindred spirit.

In a recent interview with Ms. Demetra, I asked her questions about her life and childhood and was fascinated with the stories that she had to tell.

Demetra was born to a dairy farmer, and one of her earliest memories was of her Father being so dedicated to his job that he tended to the dairy every day, even on Sunday, but going to church unsupervised never stopped Demetra. Every Sunday she made the trek to town to attend services at the First United Methodist Church where she is still an active member.

As a child, Demetra always enjoyed fashion. Her Mother, a seamstress, made all of Demetra's clothes and she was awarded the honor of Best Dressed in the Who's Who contest in High School.

As a young adult, Demetra enjoyed her work at Purcell Department Store. She began working there when she graduated high school and had the position of window dresser.

Demetra has been setting a good example for others for many years as an active member of our community, but she claims that her family and Dr. Simmons, who would take her and her best friend to Purcell's Drug Store to get ice cream when they finished helping him with odd-jobs, were great role- model's for her as she was growing up.

Ms. Demetra exclaimed that the most significant event to take place in her lifetime was the advancement of technology such as cell phones and computers and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. She has even been to Armstrong's hometown, Wapakoneta, Ohio, with her daughter Teri. The Mother-Daughter duo has been on many trips, most recently to the Great Lakes area and to Gettysburg. One of Demetra's favorite things to do is travel. She hopes to visit Washington, D.C. one day.

Of the many joys in Ms. Demetra's life, she most enjoys the company of children and throughout the years she has been supportive of many children's activities, such as attending church plays, children's school musicals and plays, teaching Sunday School, and assisting with Vacation Bible School.

A kind heart and a good Christian spirit are two personality traits that Ms. Demetra admires in others, and she just happens to possess them herself.

When she's not giving back to the community, Demetra enjoys sewing, quilting, knitting, and listening to music. She is especially fond of 40's era music such as Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby. "In the Garden" is Demetra's favorite church hymn.

When asked what does "real success" mean to you, Demtetra replied with, "Real success is achieved when you are satisfied and happy with what you are doing in life, and you keep God prominent in your life as well."

I believe that Ms. Demetra has infact experienced "real success" in her life. She is a blessing to our town and can brighten anyone's day. There could not be a more deserving person of praise and acclamations as Ms. Demetra. She is definitely a deserving recipient of the Arts Council Honors that will be bestowed upon her June 8, 2013. Demetra was a charter member of the Academy Choice Awards for the Rector High School Drama Department and supporter of all theatre activities for over 40 years. In fact, I can only recall one show that Ms. Demetra missed of her time period as an active advocate of the arts in our community. To purchase a ticket or to obtain more information about The Celebration of the Arts event in June, contact Gail Burns at 870-240-3014, and help us celebrate the life of Demetra Schultz. She is, in fact, extraordinary.

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