Rector High Honors Assembly Held

Thursday, May 16, 2013
The top students at RHS were honored during the awards assembly

Rector High School faculty, students and parents gathered in the gymnasium Wednesday, May 8, to recognize outstanding scholars for the 2012-13 school year during the annual Honors Day assembly.

The event began with the Invocation delivered by senior Daniel White. The RHS Choir performed "Miserere Nobis" for the audience of students, family members and school faculty.

Principal Wade Williams recognized senior Honor Students Kelly Fowler, Kaitlyn Essman, Neeley Sims, Payton Holcomb, Sydney Simmons, Hayden McCluskey, Daniel White, David Rose and Mitchell Weber.

Students receiving recognition for being on the Honor Roll for the entire year were:

Seniors--Jazmin Beck, Kaitlyn Essman, Kelly Fowler, Payton Holcomb, Hayden McCluskey, David Rose, Emily Sanders, Sydney Simmons, Neeley Sims, Tarryn Tracy, Mitchell Weber and Daniel White.

Juniors--Kylee Beshears, Anna Blackshare, Katie Bowers, Haven Cagle, Jordan Crane, Amy DeMent, Cheyenne Ellis, Lindsey Ford, Lenae Haley, Bailey Haney, Kaylee Hartsfield, Johnna Lopez, Rebekah Scott and Kristen Smart.

Sophomores--RaChelle Classen, Grayson Crancer, Landen Crancer, Marla Crancer and Brittany Fair.

Freshmen--Lawson Ford, Tori Hill, Brian Hufty, Colby Lynch and Kade Scott.

Eighth graders--Avery Bucy, Sarah Isom and Shelby Ward.

Seventh graders--Kirk Beshears, Hunter McNeeley and Sydney Wofford.

Eighth graders Sarah Isom and Blake LaRue were named Junior High Best All-Around, one of the highest honors a student can achieve.

New National Honor Society Members inducted were: RaChelle Classen, Grayson Crancer, Landen Crancer, Marla Crancer, Brittany Fair, Hunter Kemper, Jazmin Beck and Tarryn Tracy. Junior Honor Society members inducted were: Brittany Austin, Matison Dean, Shelby Ward, Kirk Beshears, Brianna Glasco, Hunter McNeeley, Tabor Trail and Sydney Wofford.

Subject awards included:

Business--Enterprise Management I and II, Aaron Johnson; Computerized Business Applications Most Improved Work, Melody Calhoun; Computerized Business Applications "A" Average, Kaitlyn Essman and Kelly Fowler; Computerized Business Applications Highest Average, RaChelle Classen; Personal Finance, Jazmin Beck; Digitial Communications Program Completion, Jazmin Beck, Aaron Johnson, Kaitlyn Essman and Kelly Fowler; Entrepreneurship Program Completion, Aaron Johnson and Dillon Shelton; Management Program Completion, Dillon Shelton and Aaron Johnson and Economics, Tori Hill.

FBLA competitive event winners were: Talent Show, first place, Lindsey Ford; Job Interview, ninth place, Harmony Brown; Sports Management, eighth place, Alec Scott; Technology Concepts, fifth place, Josh Hunt; Business Law, fourth place, Sydney Simmons; Future Business Leader, third place, Haven Cagle; Business Calculations, second place, Kaitlynn Essman; Intro to Business Communications, second place, Brittany Fair; Networking Concepts, second place, Emily Sanders; Computer Problem Solving, first place, Zach Davis and Introduction to Business, fifth place at state and third place at district, Seth McAfee.

Junior high FBLA competitive event winners were: Future Business Leader, fifth place, Landen Crancer; Business Graphics, fifth place, Amber Beck and Avery Bucy and Job Interview, second place, Harmony Brown.

Family and Consumer Science--Eighth Grade Family and Consumer Science Award, Blake LaRue and Sarah Isom; Family and Consumer Science Award, Adrianna Stokes and Brian Hufty; Parenting, Katie Bowers; Child Development, Neeley Sims; Foods and Nutrition, RaChelle Classen; Chef of the Year, Madison Cate and Daniel White; Super Sidekick, Jessica Garner; Citizenship and Friendly Face, Kyle Beshears and Family and Consumer Science Program Completion, Jessica Garner, Emily Sanders, Rachel Lampkin, D.J. Rose, Matthew Blount, Seth Morris, Jimmy Smith, Charles Garron, Kayla Bond, Misty Writesel, Neeley Sims, Tarryn Tracy, Jesse Studdard and Teresa Lopez.

Math awards--AP Calculus, Kaitlyn Essman; Geometry, Tori Hill; Algebra, Avery Bucy; Seventh Grade Math--Hunter McNeely and Sydney Wofford; Algebra II, Brittany Fair; Algebra III, Kelly Fowler; Algebraic Connections, Daniel White; Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Haven Cagle and Eighth Grade Pre-Algebra, Shelby Ward.

Science awards--Physcical Science, Brian Hufty; Chemistry, Anna Blackshare; Physics, Payton Holcomb; Biology, RaChelle Classen, Pre-AP Biology, Brittany Fair; Environmental Science, Justice Beck; Student Council Appreciation, Neeley Sims; Seventh Grade Science, Sydney Wofford and Hunter McNeeley and Eighth Grade Science, Avery Bucy.

History--Eighth Grade Histroy, Avery Bucy and Sarah Isom; Cont. American History /Arkansas History, Sydney Simmons; World History, RaChelle Classen and Brittany Fair; Appreciation Awards, Landen Crancer, Matt Henson and Hunter Kemper; AP U.S. History, Haven Cagle; American History, Kendal Gunn; Civics, Tori Hill and Brian Hufty; Seventh Grade History/Geography, Sydney Wofford and Hunter McNeeley and Seventh Grade History/Geography Outstanding Achievement in Projects, McKenzie Baker.

English--Spelling Bee Winners, Easton Tracy, Sabrina Johnson, Amber Beck, Matison Dean, Case Watson, Zephyer Tinsley, Sydney Wofford, Jerrica Stokes, Sarah Willis and Michael Tolson; Freshmen English, Brian Hufty; Eighth Grade English, Avery Bucy; Seventh Grade English, Sydney Wofford; FTA Scholarships, Seth Morris and Payton Holcomb; AP Language Arts, Lenae Haley; Pre-AP English, Brittany Fair; Eleventh Grade English, Vanessa Jones and AP Literature, Payton Holcomb.

Special Education--Mathematics, Jagger Ellis and Mackenzie McCluskey; Mathematics and Literacy, Kody Beaver, Cobi Buck and Tori Prince; Academic and Communication, James Fannin and Eternitei Lindsey and Appreciation, Misty Writesel and Brandon Akin.

Art--HPMEC Art Exhibit, first place, Brittany Fair; HPMEC, honorable mention, Kasey Baker and Sydney Simmons; HPMEC, exhibitor, Haven Cagle and Jesse Studdard; Art From the Heart, first place, Hyleigh Huckabay and Art From the Heart, second place, Haleigh Ellis and Brittany Fair and Outstanding Service, RaChelle Classen, Cheyenne Ellis, Payton Holcomb, Rachel Lampkin, Neeley Sims, Tarryn Tracy and Priscilla Nichols.

The officers of the various clubs and organizations were recognized for their efforts throughout the year. The president or vice-president of each organization and class announced the names of each officer who had served during the school term.

The RHS Choir performed "Saying Goodbye" prior to the induction of the new National Honor Society members.

Honors Day concluded with a performance of the RHS Alma Mater, led by the Class of 2013.

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