Hospital Tax Issue Extension Approved by Voters

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Despite a light turnout, residents of the city of Piggott voted to extend the current sales tax to benefit operations of the emergency department of Piggott Community Hospital Tuesday. By a vote of 335 to 55 the measure was passed, and the sales tax extended for an additional 60 months. According to County Clerk Pat Poole, a total of 124 early ballots were cast, along with ** absentee ballots.

In 2010 the local hospital first sought help from declining federal reimbursement, and enormous bad debt, by asking for a local tax issue. It passed by a wide margin at the time, but will end in October. Earlier this year hospital officials asked for an extension to be sought by special election, with the new issue to span a five year time frame.

Hospital administrator's note the passage of the tax issue will allow the funds to continue without interruption as the first issue expires in the fall.

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