Fundraiser Continues for Rector Community Center

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Rector Community Center director Linda Robinson is presented with a donation from Liberty Bank of Arkansas' Rector branch president Sherry Dills Tuesday. The generous donation will be used in the community center's ongoing project to upgrade its interior lighting. The community center and the City of Rector wish to extend thanks to Liberty Bank of Arkansas for the thoughtful donation.

Efforts remain underway to raise the necessary funds to make improvements to the Rector Community Center. The center received a matching grant in the amount of $13,392, and has raised more than $3,000 toward its goal of $10,000 for improvements, including the purchase and installation of new energy efficient LED lights.

"We've signed the contract for the lights and are supposed to have them installed by July 4," center director Linda Robinson said. "These LED lights are expensive, but once installed, we should see our electric bills go down considerably--as much as two-thirds. The grant we received is a matching grant, which requires us to meet the funds we've received through the grant. We can use our own labor to meet some of the requirements, but we're still looking at needing to raise around $7,000."

Robinson noted there have been individual donors who have helped the center approach its goal, as well as a generous donation from the Rector branch of Liberty Bank of Arkansas.

"We certainly appreciate each donation we receive," Robinson said. "Every donation helps bring us closer to our goal. This is certainly a community that cares and is willing to help out."

Some improvements have already been made at the site. Earlier in the year, the center purchased a new large air conditioning unit. In addition to improved cooling at the site, the new unit is a more energy efficient model.

To help with raising funds, the center has played host more special events. Special concerts and events like craft shows and a chili cook-off have brought not only fun activities to the Rector community, but have also helped the community center become less reliant upon funding from the City of Rector in addition to its improvement efforts.

"Mrs. Linda and everyone involved with the community center have done an outstanding job," Mayor David Freeman said. "The work they've done in bringing events to the community center and making improvements to that building has been just fantastic. On behalf of the City of Rector, we appreciate their efforts and hope to see even greater support from the community."

Robinson also noted the community center will be hosting popular area artists in its special concert series.

Gary Prince and Sugar Creek will perform live at the Rector Community Center on July 26. Prince and the band received much fanfare for their performance during the 2012 Labor Day Picnic, and are expected to provide another memorable show for their visit to the community center.

The beloved Ultimate Oldies Show, which features Joey Pruett of Rector on bass guitar, will return to the center on Aug. 30. These talented performers earned multiple standing ovations for their outstanding concert at the center during the Labor Day weekend this past year and regularly sell out venues across the region.

The Rhodes Family will perform during a special reunion show Nov. 8 at the Rector Community Center. Sisters Sandra, Brenda and Donna Rhodes will be joined by the talented Craig Morris in a special performance which will appeal to fans of all ages.

"We're very excited about the concerts we have scheduled at the community center," Robinson said. "We feel fortunate to have these talented artists come to our community. We encourage everyone to come out and take the opportunity to enjoy some very talented performers."

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